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If Only… but What About Faith


Our verse for today comes from John 11:21, ” Now Martha said to Jesus, ‘Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died.’ “


If only. Could there be two words that speak of unrealized potential or unfulfilled hopes more than these? Such weighty subjects such as relationships, careers, destinies, and life itself have been pinned on the turn of that phrase. And for such enormous effects, the linchpin could be something quite miniscule or insignificant, at least to those on the outside looking in.

For those involved, their futures could have been completely different if only they had done this differently or chosen this rather than that. And for someone who has suffered the ultimate loss, their loved one might still be here if only they had left a little later or taken a different route or not gone at all. But that’s impossible to know for sure, isn’t it? Would a parent still be alive if they had never smoked? Would a career have turned out more successful if you had gotten that job that you missed out on? Life is not lived in a vacuum, and it would seem impossible to alter one single decision and know exactly what the difference would be. But this one thing we do know, that every person recorded in scripture who asked Jesus for a healing was granted their request. Oddly, it appears that the closest Jesus came to not granting a request, at least for those suffering through the tragedy at the time, turned out to be His greatest miracle.


Mary and Martha wanted Jesus, who was just a day’s journey away, to rescue their brother. But He did not arrive until after the burial, which would qualify as too late to the sisters. But too late is often when Jesus does His best work. Too late is when our last thread of faith is about to unravel. Too late is when the door of forgiveness is about to shut on the bitterness in our hearts. Too late is when we’re wondering what’s the use. But Jesus is never too late. And if you can hang on to hope when there seems like nothing to hang hope on, then you will experience Jesus exactly when and where you need Him. Trust Him, it’s never too late.


As we seek Him today, don’t let your faith be replaced by something that takes your eyes off the Savior.

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