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“If you make work your identity and you succeed, it’ll go to your head. If you fail, it’ll go to your heart.”

Quick Quote – Source – Tim Keller

A Biblical Christian worldview perspective – This quote from Keller is a personal testimony of my salvation experience. I rejected God as unnecessary and likely nonexistent in the early years of my business career. Successful compared to my peers, all was going well until I stretched myself too thin, was undercapitalized in starting my own business, and failed miserably (bankruptcy). God took the pride resident in my “head” and, using the trauma of “failure”, redirected my life through the filter of my “heart” (2 Cor. 4:16). I drew close to Him for strength. That was 35yrs ago. Now winding down a blessed career (nothing ever promised by the Lord) and, much more importantly, a grace-filled life under the Holy Spirit, I have never looked back on past dependency on my own efforts.

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