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If you were given an incredible gift that you cannot add to, give away, or, borrow against, and, if not used, it will be lost forever… what would you do with it?

The gospel message of salvation, can only be shared.

Quick Quote – Source – Emory York (modified)

A Biblical Christian worldveiw perspective – You would share it. And, that is the calling and challenge of the Christian who desires to share the good news of Jesus Christ (the gospel) with a lost and dying world. The challenge is how to do so in a kind and compassionate way that attracts rather than repels unbelievers. The stakes are high… eternity… but the final responsibility is not ours, but God’s.

1 Corinthians 3:6-7 – I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth.

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Salvation – Eternal Life in Less Than 150 Words

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