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“In my 40 years of worldview research, I’ve documented the sustained decline in biblical worldview in America—plummeting from 12% to today’s 4% level.”

Approaching evangelism with Millennials and Gen X needs to be redirected per Barna.

Quick Quote – Source – George Barna

A Biblical Christian worldview perspective – Barna went on to say, “While Millennials and Gen X generally dismiss reliance on Jesus as “old-fashioned” or “foolish”, we can share with Gen Z that biblical truths are the only reliable truths, and they serve us best…. Similarly, anyone who works with today’s children (the youngest members of Gen Z) can have tremendous influence in shaping their worldview by helping them develop a strong foundation rooted in biblical truth (details here).”

What the pollster is suggesting is that, in his view, those between 28-43 and 44-59 (Millennials and Gen X) have become a lost cause, and evangelicals need to, instead, turn our attention to their children. Sadly, the opposite is taking place in the homes of today’s families (whose parents are largely turning away from God). This poor example of adult lack of faith and practice sets the precedent for our children.

Evangelicals have difficulty evangelizing if no one comes to church and parents and teachers continue to become more and more secularized, building walls against a Biblical Christian worldview for themselves and the next generation. Barna’s solution, though understandable, will not be successful if parents don’t get involved.

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