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Intelligent Design… Unintelligent

Some, wrongly believe that God is like a watchmaker. He brought creation into existence and then stepped back, continuing to view the world from a distance as we slowly wind down. Those who hold to this worldview may see parts of the Bible as an instruction manual for life, similar to the owner’s manual one gets in the box with a new appliance or electronic gadget. As with any “owner’s manual”, one can choose to read it and follow the directions, or not. Further, since the instructions are often translated into many languages, often there are typos and strange wording that can be discounted. 

What’s missing, of course, from this approach to Christianity, is the loss of an opportunity to share in an ongoing personal relationship with God in and through the Holy Spirit. Further, the idea of a watchmaker raises significant theological questions, not the least of which is the need for the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ as payment for our sins and eternal destiny. 

This “watchmaker” theology fits in well with those who choose to reject atheism, but still do not want to be held to an active relationship with an all-knowing deity that might impinge on their behavior. First coined in 1802 by William Paley, this worldview has more recently been given new attention from those in the Intelligent Design community.  

There is growing evidence, even from the scientific community, that everything from math (Fibonacci sequence), to the complexity of an atom, to the origins of life, and much more, cannot be explained by evolution, mutations, or natural selection. Even in the case of the universe itself, the unanswered question of “Where did the dot of the Big Bang come from?” demonstrates that science ultimately has no more answers to our origins than faith in the supernatural. 

ID, or Intelligent Design, postulates a God who started everything but no longer has any impact on the lives of mankind. This view seems to fit a convenient paradigm for those looking for answers. Further, most of God’s Word, the Bible, can be ignored, or at least one has the freedom to reject the parts they wish.

Scripture makes it clear that God has not limited Himself to simply writing a book and unplugging from humanity. To believe in the Bible is to have faith in its Author. It is easy to see a Creator in the intricacy of nature with our mind and logic. However, to truly have a personal relationship with God (Jesus Christ) and the eternal blessings which flow from that marriage (Rev. 19:7-9) one requires more than an intellectual acceptance that He exists. 

Intelligent Design may be on the path to a saving faith but that footpath is narrow (Matt.7:13-14) and one must reach the end of it… having faith that stems from the heart, not the head… in order to find salvation and God’s peace, which transcends all understanding (Luke 15:31). 

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