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Is all sin the same… yes and no.

We need to view sin from both man's and God's perspective for both the lost and the saved.

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A Biblical Christian worldview perspective – God has said that if we commit one sin in our lifetime, we will go to Hell to pay for that breach in His law (Rom. 6:23). In that sense, all sin condemns mankind equally and is viewed by God in that light (a vertical view of our sin nature). However, in terms of the impact of various sins on our earthly existence (horizontal impact), it is clear that different sins carry different consequences. For example, anger and murder are both sinful but they clearly carry different repercussions in a court of law. Finally, the Christian earns crowns awarded in Heaven based on our behavior (to some degree) on earth. Further, there is some indication that punishments in Hell may be graduated based on our exposure and understanding of God’s will (Luke 12:48).

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