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Is God Carrying Your Burden or Are You

Tell God that you are giving Him the burdens that you have been carrying around. And rest, assured that He is willing and able to bear them.


Our verse for today comes from Isaiah 53:4, ” Surely He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows; yet we esteemed Him stricken, smitten by God, and afflicted. “


The runner enters the stadium having already completed two dozen miles of racing. But these last steps to the tape seem much longer than all the ones he has put behind him combined. His body is weary, injured, and seemingly at a loss for where it is and where it should go. The remaining spectators in the coliseum seemingly cringe in unison as the athlete desperately tries to finish this marathon of a race, placing one foot in front of, or in some instances beside, the other, as if his legs are being wailed upon by a sea of invisible waves. But then appears from the seats, a man, the father of the one struggling so mightily. His anguish is unexpressed, but every onlooker can imagine the torture he is experiencing as he watches his son fight against his own body to finish the race. And so the dad embraces his son, bearing whatever weight he will surrender, and the two of them together make their way to the finish line.


When my family visited friends in the mountains of North Carolina a couple summers ago, my daughter’s leg began to hurt as we hiked up one of the mountain trails. Without giving it a second thought, I hoisted her on my back, and the two of us continued our trek up the path. Undaunted by the distance or the incline ahead, my only thought was to continue along our path and have my daughter there with me. I was not looking for applause, nor do I think myself or my actions above what almost any other father would have done. In fact, as I look back upon that day, I would consider my ultimate purpose to have been to ensure that my family got to where they were going. I would dare say the same was true for the marathoner’s dad. And such is the heart of our heavenly Father. He is there, right along with you, to bear your griefs and carry your sorrows. It’s not just a sweet image or a Christian expression. In fact, He has already borne them, and now He simply awaits your willing surrender of them to Him. So go ahead, give Him what He wants.


As we seek Him today, tell God that you are giving Him the burdens that you have been carrying around. And rest, assured that He is willing and able to bear them.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org 

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