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Is There a Difference between Patriotism and Nationalism?

Without a resurgence in Patriotism our country and the world is in great jeopardy.

In May of 1969, Charles de Gaulle (details here) offered the observation that,

“Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism, when hate for people other than your own comes first.”

As Christians we recognize our citizenship is not of this world (Phil. 3:20). However, God calls us to care for our fellow man and to continue to protect the freedoms we enjoy which many have fought and died for. No one believes America is perfect, just as no American is perfect. The only sinless person who ever lived on this earth was Jesus Christ, who died as a substitute for the consequences of our sinful nature.

Many in this country have merged the terms above (Patriotism and Nationalism) because they perceive America as a flawed nation, undeserving of allegiance. The outcome of that viewpoint is a weakening of our resolve to protect our citizens from the tyranny of our adversaries. We have crippled the unity that built this nation and protected it since its inception.

The Result of a Lack of Patriotism

Both our natural and supernatural enemies, like a roaring lion, (1 Peter 5:8)) have become emboldened by our impotence. The Bible speaks of the End Times as having a one-world government (details here), a one-world currency (details here), and a one-world religion (details here). How better to accomplish these supernatural satanic objectives than to:

  • Destroy the patriotism of the most powerful nation on the planet,
  • Undermine the dollar as the international currency of exchange,
  • Deconstruct Biblical Christianity, merging it into the universal ‘religion of conformity’ supporting ever-changing societal norms.

Do we think the military of today is prepared to go into a battle such as ‘The Greatest Generation’ did on the beaches of Normandy (details from a recent GAO report on our military readiness here)? Do we believe that the dollar, beaten by rampant overspending and national indebtedness, will remain the currency of preference over a universal digital currency (details here)? Finally, the loss of church attendance and general rejection of traditional Christian theology (ex. inerrancy of the Bible) continues to contribute to the merging of world religions into a unified denomination of human fluff (referred to as religious syncretism, details here).

The greatest commandment offered in the New Testament by Christ was to love God and love our neighbors (Luke 10:27). That love can be expressed, not only on an individual-by-individual basis but by holding dear to the freedoms we enjoy as a nation. Like the ‘frog in the pot, our country is slowly losing its sovereignty by blending ourselves into the world stage. What appears to be a desire to build strong coalitions between nations is, instead, undermining the safety of all nations as the US becomes weaker and weaker.

Nationalism vs. Patriotism

If one chooses to distinguish nationalism from patriotism based on hate (of outsiders) vs. love and compassion for America, so be it. Definitions are not what is relevant. In fact, they often contribute to confusion as we all conveniently choose our meanings for words. What is important is that America stands strong for the protection (love) of our own people and, by doing so, the rest of the free world. Can we rise to assume the role ‘The Greatest Generation’ did in WWII? If not, how much longer will the free world remain free? America should not be judged based on an unobtainable ideal of perfection by its citizens. To lose patriotism is to lose more than battles over abortion, elections, and DEI. It means losing the war on freedom.

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