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It’s dangerous to focus on the messenger rather than on God. 

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A Biblical Christian worldview perspective – Nearly every super-Christian in the Bible demonstrated a flawed life. Adam, Moses, David, Paul, Thomas… the list is long.

Early in my Christian life my pastor (growing a very large church) was caught at a suntanning salon standing on a chair, looking over the wall into the next booth. My mother, lost at the time, asked me if that shook my faith. My answer was no and I explained to her that the Christian faith is built on a relationship with God, through Christ and not on pastors or others who we assume to have superiority over us.

The “messenger” is important but we need to recognize that they are men and women who are just as flawed as those God wrote about in His Word. The joy of the Christian life is that we enjoy a direct and personal relationship with the Creator of the universe.

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