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On April 15th, 1989, I accepted Jesus Christ as both my Savior and Lord through the Holy Spirit and apologetics. Since that time, I have served in various Christian capacities.


Initially attending non-denominational and Presbyterian PCA churches, I have been a member of a Baptist Church since 1995, serving as a Deacon/Chairman, Discipleship teacher, Senior’s Retirement Home Pastor, GriefShare counselor, and Elder. Over the past twenty years, the Lord has allowed me to serve in a ministry that employs pastors across the country, focused on evangelism. Ending as President, I have recently transitioned into building BCWorldview.org.


I received an undergraduate degree in Psychology (Lynchburg University), a master’s degrees in Business (UNH), and Human Services Counseling (Liberty). Have also completed certificate programs in Biblical Studies from Southeastern Seminary and Gerontology from USC.

Life Focus

This website began from a desire to provide resources for Biblical teaching and theology. However, our country has experienced an unprecedented amount of false information from the media on current events. Consequently, this site has also become a source of sound analysis of our culture through the lens of a Biblical Christian Worldview Fortunately, there are still other conservative outlets that provide a similar perspective. BCWorldview’s approach is slightly different. Our mission is to challenge media accuracy from both the left and the right using Scripture as our measuring rod. While our site does contain a growing number of timeless articles on systematic theology, I am increasingly focused day-to-day on the intersection of Christianity and contemporary topics. This includes ethics, family issues, technology, megatrends, politics, our loss of freedoms, the law, etc. My wife, Judy, and I have two wonderful daughters and four precious grandchildren. It is important to remember, God chooses to work through the human condition to perfect His will, and “the greatest expression of love we can show our neighbors is to gently tell them about our Lord and Savior.”

Dawkins, Israel, Uganda, NYC Books, Marijuana, School Restrooms, More…

Tuesday, March 28, 2023 • Richard Dawkins declares there are only two sexes as matter of science: 'That's all there is to it'
• Israel’s prime minister says the country will not pass bill banning Christianity
• Uganda passes bill making homosexuality punishable by death
• Supreme Court refuses to hear evangelist’s complaint against university barring him from preaching
• NYC schools using tax dollars to host LGBTQ writers promoting books on gender identity
• Arkansas restricts school restroom use to biological sex
• Studies Show More Reasons Not to Legalize Marijuana

Libs of TikTok, Abortion, Riot Convictions, Bathroom Bill, More…

Monday, March 27, 2023 • North Carolina bill increasing punishments for rioters will become law after no governor veto
• A Florida bill banning ‘ethnic intimidation’ flyers aims to stop the state’s neo-Nazi rise
• Caitlyn Jenner defends girls' basketball team banned for refusing to compete against male athlete
• ‘After Extensive Prayer,’ Wyoming Governor Bans Abortion Pills, Protects Most Children from Abortion
• California proposes bill to protect abortionists
• Arkansas’s governor signs anti-trans bathroom bill
• NYC schools using tax dollars to host LGBTQ writers promoting books on gender identity

Drag Queen, 4th Grade Trans, Pastor Strain, Laurie, Google Bard, More…

Friday, March 24, 2023 • Arkansas book event interrupted by drag queens in 'disturbing' outfits as Kirk Cameron and guests speak
• Private Christian School Pushes Book About Trans Child to Fourth-Graders
• Pastors’ satisfaction, certainty of call in rapid decline, Barna finds
• Alarming New Research Shows How Fast TikTok’s Algorithm Will Send Your 13-Year-Old To Videos Encouraging Suicide
• Why is the Greg Laurie movie “Jesus Revolution” so popular?
• Google opens early access to Bard, its AI chatbot
• Chinese president promises Putin: ‘Change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years’

Disney, Nigeria, California Drag, Boston Transgender, Graham on DeSantis, More…

Wednesday, March 22, 2023 • Disney sponsored an LGBTQ event in Paris that featured a transgender prostitute
• Biden Turning His Back on Christian Bloodshed in Nigeria: Report
• California English teacher claims exposing kids to drag no different than teaching Shakespeare
• Boston School Distributes Explicit Survey on Oral Sex, Transgenderism to Middle-Schoolers
• Franklin Graham Praises DeSantis for Drag Show Kid Crackdown: 'Doesn't Mess Around'
• Within Minutes Of Biden’s First Presidential Veto, The House Has Struck Back
• USA Today gives 'Woman of the Year' honor to transgender state lawmaker

Palestinians, China, Utah, NC, Confuse Gender Students, More…

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 • Democrats Sympathize With Palestinians Over Israelis 49% to 38%
• Americans see China as a greater threat than Russia: poll
• ‘A Culture of Life’: Utah Bans Abortion Facilities Statewide
• Minnesota elementary school music teacher claims 'the goal' is to confuse students about gender: video
• In wake of Florida law, additional states seek to restrict certain LGBTQ discussions in schools
• Woman To Sue Hospital That Performed Sex Change Surgery On Her At 13
• North Carolina bill increasing punishments for rioters will become law after no governor veto

The Pledge of Allegiance… To America vs. to God (Updated)

This is a review of the history, context, and content of the Pledge of Allegiance viewed through the lens of a Biblical Christian worldview. It also offers an opinion on the controversy related to Christian allegiance to God vs. America.  History of the Pledge of Allegiance The American Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was written in 1892 by Francis Bellamy, and it was first recited in the same year by 12 million schoolchildren, on October 12th, to recognize the 400-year anniversary of the voyage of Christopher Columbus. It read: “I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic, for which it stands,—one nation, indivisible—with liberty and justice for all.” This original version was changed in the 1920’s in order to be specific to the United States flag, due...

Parents, Fired, Banks, Gender, Anti-Jewish, Levine, Biden, More…

Monday, March 20, 2023 • WATCH: Parents outraged after students mandated to watch drag performance, school doubles down
• ‘They Said They Wanted A Black Person To Do This Job’: DEI Instructor Fired By College For Not Being Woke Enough
• Moody’s considers downgrading six banks
• ‘Exposing the Gender Lie’: Authors share how to protect kids from false transgender ideology
• Anti-Jewish incidents jumped nearly 20% in 2021, FBI finds
• Biden Moves to Reverse Campus Religious Freedom Rule
• Dr. Rachel Levine says changing kids' genders will soon be fully embraced: 'Wheels will turn on this'

His Only Son, Gov. Censorship, Wokeness, Cannabis, More…

Friday, March 17, 2023 • Biblical drama centering around 'controversial' passage in Scripture enjoys crowdfunding success
• Most young adults say schools do 'good job' teaching traditional values; older generations disagree
• Most Americans view ‘wokeness’ as a positive term even though many conservatives don’t: study
• Church of Cannabis fights to keep ritual ‘meditation’ sculpture, claims Denver violating 1st Amendment
• Anti-Jewish incidents jumped nearly 20% in 2021, FBI finds
• Christian school shuts down instead of closing conversion therapy program
• ‘Chilling’: Liberal Journalists Taken Aback by Government Censorship of Social Media

Can We Be Perfectly Sanctified in Christ (Updated)

Some born-again Christians believe that mankind can be “fully sanctified” or have “perfect unity” with the Trinity on this side of the grave. It is my view that we will not achieve that goal until Heaven.  Salvation is an event in the life of the Christian when one accepts Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord (Romans 10:9-10). Sanctification, on the other hand, is a life-long process (sometimes better referred to as “progressive sanctification”) of learning who God is and what He expects of us as we prepare to spend eternity with Him. Mankind does not have the capacity to be “perfectly sanctified” as long as any sin remains in the believer’s life.  Definitions from Webster Sanctify – To set apart to a sacred purpose or to religious use, to free...

Biden Sinful, TikTok, Assisted Suicide, China, Church Matters, More…

Thursday, March 16, 2023 • President Biden’s New Theological Category: ‘Close to Sinful’ — But the Bible Knows Nothing of the It
• White House-Backed TikTok Bill Is Toothless, China Hawks Say
• Woman wins lawsuit for non-resident assisted suicide in Vermont
• Does the church still matter today? Why that’s the wrong question for us to ask
• Jesus Revolution Producer: ‘I’ve Never Seen Such a Profound Response to a Movie’
• Wisconsin Republicans use a sneaky legislative move to keep conversion therapy legal
• Could Wokeness be Winding Down?

Digital Currency And The Mark Of The Beast

In the last month, the S&P has dropped over 6% and late last week two banks, SVB and Signature collapsed. Four other regional banks are also in serious jeopardy.  While the Treasury Department and the President are providing guaranteed backstops for bank deposit holders above the insured $250K threshold, according to Reuters, the Fed is expected to further raise interest rates 25 basis points next week, and again in May, in an attempt to curb inflation. An article two days ago in the Washington Times headlines, "Biden’s ‘bailout’ a step toward government control of banking system, economists say." Digital Currency Plan of March 2022 One year ago an article came out in The Hill entitled, “Biden is planning a new digital currency. Here’s why you should be very worried”. Quoting from that article,  “President Biden has instructed...

China Approval, Christian Doubts, Free Speech, Dysphoria, More…

Wednesday, March 14, 2023 • Over half of Christians say they sometimes experience doubts about their religious beliefs: survey
• House passes bill to protect free speech from government interference, 206 Democrats oppose
• Oklahoma Christians win marijuana fight after foreign gangs 'invaded': 'Don't California our Oklahoma'
• ‘We Were Wrong’: Pioneer In Child Gender Dysphoria Treatment Says Trans Medical Industry Is Harming Kids
• Canadian Catholic student arrested, charged after saying men, women are different: 'Embarrassing'
• MSNBC Editor Slams Pro-Military ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ As ‘Poisonous’
• Record-Low 15% of Americans View China Favorably

Christian Focus Can Be Out of Balance Toward God

There is a tension between what the Bible says, what we think the Bible says, and what we think God should say to us as a race of people trying to get through life. We naturally tend to cling to sources of knowledge about who God is that fit who we want Him to be. In doing so believers can get out of balance in their spiritual walk, focusing on sources of information that may ultimately be contrary to Scripture. Of course, non-Christians easily discredit God’s Word by saying it is worthless, written by biased men thousands of years ago having no credibility today. Christians are much more subtle in their approach to God’s written Word. To be clear, I believe, as a Biblical Christian,...

Transgender Sports, US Intel, NYPD, NY Faith Adoption, More…

date • Supreme Court could take first transgender sports case with appeal from West Virginia soccer player
• US intel community says China, North Korea, Iran and Russia pose complex threats
• NYPD cops resigning in new year at record-breaking pace — with a 117% jump from 2021 numbers
• Attacks on pro-life groups, churches continue after DOJ arrests pro-life activists: list
• UK Punishes ‘Thought Crime’ of Praying Silently at Abortion Facilities
• Michigan becomes 22nd state to pass LGBTQ+ protections after decades of fighting
• NY State to Pay $250K to Faith-Based Adoption Agency After Trying to Shut It Down for 4 Years

A Unique View on the Corruption of Biblical Inerrancy

Many today believe the Bible is composed of wise sayings, written by men with an agenda. However, there is a subset of this group who do believe the “original” autographs were written by God. However, they also believe His work, thought initially inerrant, has been subsequently corrupted over time by man. They accept God as Creator but allow for the convenient twisting of His Word to fit their own evolving moral paradigm.  This is a short article is directed to Christians who believe God divinely inspired the Bible in its original autographs but also believe that today’s text has been corrupted in some of its core theological concepts.  A Standard Approach to Biblical Inerrancy Most Biblical scholars approach this topic by digging deep into the hundreds of...