— Mission Statement —
Providing honest reporting and analysis on the intersection of contemporary issues and theology, based on a Biblical Christian Worldview.

A little bit ABOUT ME

Jeff Hilles - Author / Webmaster BCWorldvew



On April 15th, 1989, I accepted Jesus Christ as both my Savior and Lord through the Holy Spirit and apologetics. My life verses are Romans 10:9 and Ephesians 2:8-9.


Initially attending non-denominational and Presbyterian PCA churches, I have been a member of a Baptist Church since 1995, serving in many capacities, including as an Elder. Over the past twenty years, the Lord has allowed me to work in a ministry that employs pastors across the country, focused on evangelism. Ending as President, I have transitioned into building both internet (bcworldview.org) and recreational (romansroadparks.com) evangelistic ministries.

Life Focus

This website began with a desire to provide resources for Biblical teaching and theology. However, our country has experienced an unprecedented amount of false information from the media on current events. Consequently, this site has also become a source of sound analysis of our culture through the lens of a Biblical Christian Worldview. Our mission is to challenge media accuracy from both the left and the right using Scripture as our measuring rod.

It is important to remember, God chooses to work through the human condition to perfect His will, and “the greatest expression of love we can show our neighbors is to gently tell them about our Lord and Savior.”

God is looking for people who long for communication with Him.

The activities we do for God are secondary.

If the Antichrist Was Alive Today…

What are the characteristics of the antichrist before he is fully revealed?

Many believers live their lives as practical atheists.

We may believe in God but do not communicate with Him as we should.

Trends on any issue need to be viewed from the center of the bell curve.

Activists like to categorize the opposition by looking at the extremes.

Works Based Salvation is not Saving

Mankind cannot earn our way into Heaven by just "loving our neighbor."

If Christ is the benchmark, we are all equal sinners before God.

However, God provided a solution to the problem of sin.

Only two people are indigenous, Adam and Eve; Everyone else is a colonizer.

We need to set aside differences and get along with our neighbors.

Science does not replace God, it is a confirmation of His existence.

Religion and science are intended by God to complement each other.

Christian Worldview Growing Cold

Salem Media shows a 46 million dollar operating loss for 2023.

Jesus is Tough love.

Love begins with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Consider doing earthly math on eternity.

The distractions of life easily get in the way of the true meaning of why believers remain earth-bound.

No matter how many pleasures Satan offers you, his ultimate intention is to ruin you.

We need to be focused on heavenly things, not earthly prizes.

Good works result FROM salvation, they do not result IN salvation. 

It is the love of God, through Christ that motivates the Christian to action.

Marriage is not intended to be a mission field.

The covenant of marriage for the Biblical Christian should be with a Biblical Christian.