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Providing honest reporting and analysis on the intersection of contemporary issues and theology, based on a Biblical Christian Worldview.

A little bit ABOUT ME

Jeff Hilles - Author / Webmaster BCWorldvew



On April 15th, 1989, I accepted Jesus Christ as both my Savior and Lord through the Holy Spirit and apologetics. Since that time, I have served in various Christian capacities.


Initially attending non-denominational and Presbyterian PCA churches, I have been a member of a Baptist Church since 1995, serving as a Deacon/Chairman, Discipleship teacher, Senior’s Retirement Home Pastor, GriefShare counselor, and Elder. Over the past twenty years, the Lord has allowed me to serve in a ministry that employs caregivers across the country, focused on evangelism. Ending as President, I have recently transitioned into building BCWorldview.org, and its forums.


I received an undergraduate degree in Psychology (Lynchburg University), a master’s degrees in Business (UNH), and Human Services Counseling (Liberty). Have also completed certificate programs in Biblical Studies from Southeastern Seminary and Gerontology from USC.

Life Focus

This website began from a desire to provide resources for Biblical teaching and theology. However, our country has experienced an unprecedented amount of false information from the media on current events. Consequently, this site has also become a source of sound analysis of our culture through the lens of a Biblical Christian Worldview Fortunately, there are still other conservative outlets that provide a similar perspective. BCWorldview’s approach is slightly different. Our mission is to challenge media accuracy from both the left and the right using Scripture as our measuring rod. While our site does contain a growing number of timeless articles on systematic theology, I am increasingly focused day-to-day on the intersection of Christianity and contemporary topics. This includes ethics, family issues, technology, megatrends, politics, our loss of freedoms, the law, etc. My wife, Judy, and I have two wonderful daughters and four precious grandchildren. It is important to remember, God chooses to work through the human condition to perfect His will, and “the greatest expression of love we can show our neighbors is to gently tell them about our Lord and Savior.”

Biblical Christian Worldview - Quick Posts
I was recently confronted by an individual online who has nearly one thousand followers. He made the very popular point that Jesus is love and never said He was Lord. In looking at Scripture I was honestly surprised that many of the verses on Jesus’ Lordship came after His...
The Death of my Parents
The Story This is the story of the death of my parents. I have told it only once since my mom died, but think about it often. It represents the most impactful event in my spiritual walk, short of my acceptance of Jesus Christ, which finally occurred on August 15,...
Born-Again Christians- Jesus Not The Only Way to Heaven
I recognize that much of my writings speak to negative issues in the world. I try to reflect back on God's love and grace in the midst of current and pending trials for Biblical Christians and our failing and splintered culture. However, since our focus is on the intersection...