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Jesus Can Open Our Eyes to Reality


Our verse for today comes from John 9:39, ” And Jesus said, ‘For judgment I have come into this world, that those who do not see may see, and that those who see may be made blind.’ “


I have an acquaintance who recently was let go from their job. And now, they are considering suing their former employer for wrongful termination. It seems that this person is claiming that they were relieved of their employment for things unrelated to job performance. I do not know all the facts surrounding this particular situation, only bits and pieces that have been shared with me. What I do know is that their employer met with them several times about their duties and the extent to which they were getting done, eventually spelling out for them a performance improvement plan. I can also gather that little to none of the improvement plan was accomplished within the agreed-upon time, and that extra time was even allotted to achieve the stated goals, which proved unsuccessful. I also know that this person had much turmoil and unrest in their personal life outside of work. Family issues and health issues were a constant strain on their time, energy, and motivation. If these weighty issues proved to be a distraction at work and adversely affected their performance, no one would be surprised. But what apparently never happened was this person grasping the severity with which their outside circumstances were affecting their level of work inside the office. Whatever messages were being sent by their superiors simply did not get through as they should have.


Being blind is not merely a medical condition beyond a person’s control. It can also be the choice that any person can and does make regarding their set of circumstances. Refusing to see our reality as it truly is usually blinds us to the most important things. And while refusing to see shortcomings at our job is crucial, refusing to see the sin in our hearts is fatal. Jesus came to give sight precisely to those who could admit that they were blind. It is that confession of helplessness that offers the very invitation He is seeking. So as you take inventory of all you have bought and wrapped this season, take a good, honest look at the reality within.


As we seek Him today, ask Jesus to open your eyes to your most important inventory.

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