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Keep An Open Mind

As we seek Him today, make sure your view is not the only one that you can see.


Our verse for today comes from 2 Samuel 13:33, ” Now therefore, let not my lord the king take the thing to his heart, to think that all the king’s sons are dead. For only Amnon is dead. “


In the movie, A Few Good Men, two marines, Dawson and Downey, have been arrested for the death of a fellow marine, Santiago, on their base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Marine attorney Daniel Kaffee has been assigned to defend the two suspects, and in doing so, he has a number of informal meetings with his friend and fellow attorney, Jack Ross, who is the prosecuting attorney in this case. As the facts become more clear and time draws nearer for the trial to begin, Kaffee learns from the base’s Executive Officer, Lt. Colonel Markinson, that Dawson and Downey were ordered to discipline Santiago by their commanding officer. When Kaffee shares this information with Ross, he agrees to reduce the charges and grant that the Marines could serve their time in prison and be home in six months, a drastic improvement from the twenty years they were initially facing. Finally satisfied, Kaffee meets with Dawson and Downey to inform them of the developments. But to Kaffee’s shock, Dawson has absolutely no interest in taking the deal. He did what he was told, and he is prepared to accept whatever consequences follow. Kaffee pleads with him, comparing his brevity of time to serve to a hockey season. But Dawson will not waver. His respect for and allegiance to the Marine code, and his belief that he did what was right in following orders, makes taking the deal dishonorable, and the six-month bargain shameful rather than a hockey season.


Perspective. It can be everything, can’t it? A hockey season to one can be disgrace to another. Why did that person get upset over something that seems so trivial to you? Perhaps it was more than you realize, from their perspective. We need God’s perspective regarding sin, hideous and destructive. But we also need it concerning others and their struggles, full of compassion and grace. If you think ” only Amnon is dead, ” then you’re not seeing it the way Amnon’s dad does. So if you’re not on the same page with someone else, take a look at it from their perspective. A lot can happen in a hockey season.


As we seek Him today, make sure your view is not the only one that you can see.

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