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Keep Your Focus on God


Our verse for today comes from James 2:1, ” My brothers, do not hold the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with partiality. “


In your wallet there are probably several credit cards. Some may be valid only at a certain store, while others may be accepted wherever you see their sign on the door. Still others may carry with them special privileges of additional discounts, special access or superior rewards. They may be called ” gold cards ” or ” platinum cards, ” or something prestigious like that. Regardless of the name, the card brings with it an elevated status and a sense of exclusivity. Now, when you travel by air, one of these special cards may enable you to occupy what they call ” first class. ” This exclusive designation is meant to entice and reward the special traveler who wants to be treated a certain way, and it’s only one of many that society uses to stroke our egos and lead us down the primrose path of self-worth and social status. Perhaps that is why James begins this verse by calling out to his fellow believers as brothers. As followers of Jesus, they were now a part of something different, a family where there was no difference in class, and egos and pride are checked at the door. They were now brothers in faith, not brothers by blood, or craft, or heritage, or special cause. They were brothers, we are brothers, by our faith in Jesus.


And not just in Jesus. James doesn’t just leave it at that. He calls it the faith of Jesus the Christ, the one promised and sent by God. The one that all history has pointed to and all of man’s future depends upon. He calls it the faith of our Lord, Jesus the Christ. The one who reigns victorious and is master of our hearts. The one that we willingly bow to and completely depend upon. And he calls it the faith of the Lord of glory, our Lord Jesus the Christ. The one who is all glorious beyond our comprehension and understanding. The one whose glory will replace the sun and moon and lighten the heavens forever. This Jesus, this is the one who makes us all equal. He brings us together where the world tries to separate us. He takes our eyes off of the superficial and draws them to His grace. He accepted no favoritism and calls us to show none today.


As we seek Him today, notice where your eyes and heart drift to as the world passes by. Ask the Lord to keep your focus on only what is important, on the picture within His picture.

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