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Sick people need a Doctor. Sinners need the Lord.

Our Lord is the ultimate physician.

We Have the Privilege of Pleasing Jesus

Enjoy the opportunity to come before King Jesus and fully please Him. And let those around you know how pleased you are in them.

Why Is Church Discipline Ignored

The tension between right and wrong inside church polity.

Jesus Will Provide What You Need

Look and see if you're looking for the wrong things in the right places, or maybe the right things in the wrong places. If so, look for Jesus.

My Mom and Suicide

The Lord can bring hope, joy, and peace if we draw close to Him.

Don’t be Blinded by False Prophets

Scripture Our verse for today comes from Mark 16:7, " But go, tell His disciples - and Peter...


Where is Artificial Intelligence headed from a Biblical perspective?

Build a Relationship with Christ

Seek the person of Jesus, to know and experience Him as real as you know and experience yourself.

God Supplies our Faith

My personal journey of deliverance.

Question #9: What does God require in the first, second and third commandments?

Answer: First, that we know and trust God as the only true and living God. Second, that...

It is not death but dying that one is fearful of.

When and how will we die and, more importantly, where will we go?

Reverse Your Thinking

Let your job and finances and time be used as God intended them.

Was Jesus Always Opposed to Anger and Judgement?

Christ expressed a range of righteous emotions.

God Works in Miraculous Ways Through You

Fully accept that you must surrender everything in order for God to fully work through you. Strive to go beyond the ordinary and into the strange.

Where is the Line Between Biblical Christian Theology and Hate Speech

When will Sunday School classes, Bible studies, sermons, etc. become hate speech?

God is Limitless

Let nothing come between you and God's all.

Choose Wisely

My testimony from an atheist to a Biblical Christian as an adult.

Be Drawn Toward the Light of God

Leave behind what is pulling you back, and come with outstretched arms to the calling Light.

Liberal Jesus Strikes out At The Super Bowl

“Jesus Gets Us,” is a good message, but tells only half of the story

Live Like the Saint of God’s Calling

Today, show forth the calling you have from Christ. Consider yourself a saint, and live like it.

Why the World Needs Fathers

What does it mean to be head of the household?

Christian Church Attenders are the Happiest Americans

Survey on American Personal Satisfaction

Question #8: What is the law of God stated in the Ten Commandments?

Answer: You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself an...

We need to take a hard look at ourselves before pointing out the sins of unbelievers. 

We need to understand hypocrisy in dealing with others.

Enjoy the Privilege of Having a Father in Heaven

Enjoy all that comes from having a Father in heaven who loves you.

Voting as a Christian in America

As Christian Americans we are obligated to vote based on God's commands.

Grace Over the Law

Be sure you're not pushing something off as trivial that's actually of great import and value.

Abortion – Recent Stats and a Trip to the Clinic

State-by-State Laws and Christian Survey Results

Prioritize Your Time Investments

Saturate yourself in that for a bit and see what you learn.

Faith vs. Apologetics in Responding to the Lost

Addressing the question of how should we approach evangelism.

The battle is between the flesh and the Spirit, your shame and your guilt.

There is a constant war going on in each of our lives.

There is Peace in Obeying God

Seek out that obedience that comes from a heart consumed by love and awe of an amazing Savior.

The Far Better Spiritual Gift

The greatest spiritual gift is love.

Spiritual maturity is marked by being comfortable with the unpredictability of God.

Man does not have the mental capacity to fully understand God.

Don’t Deny God’s Revelations

Let the Holy Spirit work in your heart, helping you to see and accept who you are, and what He can deliver you from.

Déjà vu Decision Time

The first time I experienced the Déjà vu interruption, I spent much of my day feeling a...

Question #7: What does the law of God require?

Answer: Personal, perfect, and perpetual obedience; that we love God with all our heart, soul, mind,...

Let God Speak Through Your Humility

Take the energy you spend on making sure you're heard and use it to listen to and declare the Lord Almighty.

The New Counterculture

The Church in a post-truth age

Listen for the Lost Calling Jesus

Look for Jesus calling out in the sounds and expressions of a friend or acquaintance who might not know the Savior they need.

Swimming Lessons

As believers, we need to be compassionate not theological toward those seeking a relationship with Christ.

We need to treat the lost as future believers. 

Love those you hope to see in Heaven.

The Whole Truth

Consider whether you are believing God's whole truth, and whether anything other than that comes from your lips.

Christians and the Public Sphere

How to survive 2024 from a Christian perspective.

Put the cookies on the bottom shelf where the kiddies can get to them.

Teach in a way the children of God will understand.

The Abundance of God’s Grace

Let the abundance of God's grace sink in as you consider all that you do willingly and knowingly. Ask Him to forgive you, realizing all that it entails.

Our response to temptation is an accurate barometer of our love for God.

Our behavior demonstrates who we are attracted to.

What Team Are You Pulling For

Let your walk be the first step in drawing someone towards God, rather than the last step in them forming some opinion of you.

Uncovering the Destructive Strategy of Anti-Christian Writers on Popular Medium.com

The truth behind the numbers on the platform in the Religious space.

Question #6: How can we glorify God?

Answer: We glorify God by enjoying him, loving him, trusting him, and by obeying his will,...

Make sure it is the gospel that offends people, not you.

Building relationships is the opposite of offending people.

Simple Instructions From Jesus

Follow a simple instruction from God that may very well lead to a major difference.


Fiction can provide depth into our view of God and His truths.

Say The Words of Life

Say all that you can, or as little as you need, to point someone to the hope that lives within you.

Eternal Treasures vs. Earthly Treasures

Enjoy your relationships that God has blessed you with, and spend your resources investing in living happily ever after.

Religion versus Spiritual Life

Spiritual life is entering into a love relationship with our Creator. It gives us life from the dead

Look For The Good

Use your discerning eye to look for the good, where Christ might open a door of opportunity for you.

God Will Restore What Has Been Withered

Try to answer God from an honest, open heart.

Question #5: Why else did God create?

Answer: God created all things by his powerful Word, and all his creation was very good;...

Jesus Watches What You Do

Take comfort that God is at work even before you choose to talk to or invite someone for the sake of the gospel. He has seen what you will do.

Third time’s a charm on earth as in Heaven

What is your choice for your future eternity today?

Living Water is so much sweeter than the Kool-Aid that the world offers.

We have a choice in life, to accept what the world has to offer or what God has to offer.

Jesus can be Manifested Through You

Play your part in the dance of Jesus commanding and His glory being manifested.

The Danger of a Seminary Education

Don't assume seminaries have the best training for pastors and missionaries.

Christian Reproduction

Consider whether you are at a stage where you can take on a new role and bless someone with what Christ has blessed you.

Who Are the Real Aliens?

The end of the alien encounters is approaching. The book of Revelation tells us that Jesus will return to this earth to take His rightful place as ruler.

Don’t Take Your Eyes off the Bridegroom

Let the appeal of the insignificant and the draw of the incidental be put back into its proper place, and let Jesus have His rightful reign.

Are You Reading The Bible Wrong?

There is room for different interpretations, but some common mistakes persist.

If nothing changes externally then likely nothing has changed internally.

Salvation is an internal change in one's life that creates an external change in the believer's behavior.

Let Jesus Receive the Glory

Declare what you know to be true in your life and let Jesus receive the glory.

What is Saving Faith?

You can believe the whole Bible and still be condemned. What good is it, my brothers, if someone...

A mist in the pulpit is a fog in the pew.

Pastors need to stand up for what they believe in and not create a mist from the podium and a fog in the pew.

Question #4: How and why did God create us?

Answer: God created us male and female in his own image to know him, love him,...

Draw on the Power of the Holy Spirit

Draw upon the power and presence of God which walks around with you every step that you take.

Parched like a desert or green like a river?

Allow the river of His Spirit that lives in us abundantly to refresh our souls with joy as we think about what God has done for us!

The “successful church” has become either an auditorium-sized hiding place or a living room TV.

Lost are the small to medium-sized churches where the pastor and staff know and minister and invest in the lives of the members.

Do Not Limit God

Let God be God in the ways that He chooses. Do not limit Him by dismissing what might be intended for you.

Why are we so quick to say “Jesus Christ!” when we get Emotional

Why does mankind use God and Christ as a form of swearing?

Worship is not just an emotional exercise but a response of the heart built on truth about God.

We need to evaluate the underlying reason for our emotions in worship.

Tear Down Our Temples

As we seek Him today, consider what Jesus can accomplish in His time and strength rather than in ours.

Aliens May Exist, but there is Only One God

Whether Aliens are real or not has no bearing on a Biblical Christian Worldview.

Question #3: How many persons are there in God?

Answer: There are three persons in the one true and living God: the Father, the Son,...

We need to be led by the Spirit, not the spirit.

It is the Holy Spirit that needs to guide us and not our own, sinful spirit.

Keep An Open Mind

As we seek Him today, make sure your view is not the only one that you can see.

The Old Young Earth Creationist… 

Do you think Satan would prefer two believers in Christ to spend 5 hours on the internet debating the age of the universe or those two believers spending five hours working together to spread the gospel to unbelievers?