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Leading Your Every Step


Our verse for today comes from Exodus 4:13, ” But Moses said, ‘Please, my Lord, just send someone else.’ “


Where are you going today? Are you headed to work, or do you have a bunch of errands to run? Are you taking your kids to school this morning and then leaving the rest of the day wide open for whatever comes? Will you be going shopping tonight or to one of your kids’ sporting events perhaps? Is there a function going on that you plan on attending? Or maybe you have a dentist appointment or a visit scheduled with your doctor. If your life is crazy enough, maybe a list just like this comprises your normal day. And if that’s the case, then you’re probably familiar with the desire to cry out, ” Just send someone else! ” Running non-stop can sort of creep up on us as we pursue our interests, do our jobs, raise our families, and enable our kids to participate in activities. Sometimes we’d just like to be able to send someone else.


But Moses wasn’t being run ragged by the demands of his calendar. He didn’t work sixty hours a week and serve at church three nights a week and have two games and a couple of practices to get to. The grocery store wasn’t the opposite direction from the school, which wasn’t the opposite direction from his job. He was leading his sheep around the countryside and was now arguing with a burning bush. God’s appointed time had come, and He was trying to send His deliverer back to Egypt to bring His people out of bondage. But after God had given Moses an answer for every previous excuse he had, all Moses could do was beg God to send someone else. I envision Moses speaking softly, ashamed that it came down to him simply not wanting to do what God wanted him to do. There was no other real reason. Just please send someone else. Moses couldn’t see the Israelites in Egypt who prayed daily for God’s help. But God could, so He didn’t back off. He wanted them free, He had made plans for their freedom, and Moses was the man. Please, just send someone else. It sounds a little more callous now, doesn’t it, a little more selfish? Where God wants you to go is where you need to be. So please, just go with Him.


As we seek Him today, ask God where He wants you to be going today. Make sure that wherever you find yourself, that the Lord is there with you, leading your every step.

Rich Holt / Originally Published on : BCWorldview.org

Also published on : Medium.com.


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