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Learn to Know the True Jesus


Our verse for today comes from John 6:42, ” And they said, ‘Is not this Jesus, the son of Joseph, whose father and mother we know? How is it then that He says, ” I have come down from heaven? ” ‘ “


In Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Robin and his comrade Peter have been imprisoned in Jerusalem while on the Crusades. About to have his hand amputated, Robin escapes and delivers Peter and a Moor named Azeem from their impending doom. While fleeing, Peter is killed, but Robin and Azeem safely make it back to Robin’s homeland in England. Upon arriving at his home, Robin discovers that his father has been murdered and the cruel Sheriff of Nottingham is terrorizing the people. Robin goes to meet with Marian, the king’s cousin, in search of help before fleeing to Sherwood Forest to avoid capture by the Sheriff. Marian tells Robin that all she remembers of him was as a spoiled bully who used to burn her hair when they were kids. Later, upon seeing Robin’s place among the other outcasts living in the woods, she asks him how a once-arrogant young nobleman had found contentment living rough with the salt of the earth. Robin replies that years of war and imprisonment may change a man. He explains the impact he has felt as he witnessed knights panic at the first sign of battle, and a lowly, unarmed squire pull a spear from his own body to defend a dying horse. Marian thought she knew who Robin was, but she did not.


There was no such maturing necessary for Jesus to become the One who claimed to come down from heaven. While He did grow and learn, He was always the Messiah, and never anything other than the Son of God. So, although the Jews claimed to know Jesus, and pointed to His earthly parents as proof, they didn’t truly know Him or from where He came. This misconception, however, is not theirs alone. Our lives as believers can include things we think we know about Jesus without us ever having spent the time necessary for getting to know Him. And what we do know is generally a watered-down version of what it could and should be were we to immerse ourselves into a relationship with Him. So don’t continue with the Jesus you think you know. Let Him reveal His true self to you, the way God intended His Son to be known.


As we seek Him today, strive to know Jesus in a way that you have not yet known Him.

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