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Let God Be Your Instructor


Our verse for today is from John 13:7, ” Jesus answered and said to him, ‘What I am doing you do not understand now, but you will after this.’ “


” Thanks for piling on. ” If Peter had been inclined to subtle sarcasm towards Jesus, as can be found in and around His church today, then I think that phrase would have captured his mental state at that instant. If he had had a few moments to gather his thoughts, to run down the list of teaching and revelation that Christ had shared with him over the past three years, then I think his overwhelming conclusion would have been that of all things, a lack of understanding is what he had ascertained most above all else. So when it came to the Lord getting down on the ground to wash his feet, it made perfect sense that it made no sense to Peter. Few things had since he had decided to follow the Man from Galilee. Miraculous healings, the dead being raised, odd predictions of the future, unprecedented lessons and instruction, and constant wrangling with the religious leaders of the day left Peter and his cohorts with far more questions than answers. So to hear that the true meaning of something as ordinary as the washing of dusty, dirty feet was yet to be revealed probably surprised no one. It was, as we might say, par for the course. But things would not always stay that way.


The very Spirit of God would soon arrive, and power and understanding would arrive with Him. And we have Him still today, with all His attributes of God. And though we often stumble through times of uncertainty and a lack of understanding, we must not follow the urge to heed the advice and so-called wisdom of this world. Paul wrote in no uncertain terms that man’s wisdom is complete and utter foolishness, so you know what seeking it and heeding it makes us. So when the answers are slow to come, and the right way seems foggy at best, seek diligently the counsel of God. Return to Him through His word and His people. You may not understand now, but you can after this. If you go to the One who knows the answers.


As we seek Him today, let God be your primary instructor. Pray, search the scriptures, and discuss with faithful followers to receive the wisdom that comes from above.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org

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