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Let God Speak Through Your Humility

Take the energy you spend on making sure you're heard and use it to listen to and declare the Lord Almighty.


Our verse for today comes from John 1:22, ” Then they said to him, ‘Who are you, that we give an account to those who sent us? What do you say about yourself?’ “


In the movie The Princess Bride , the hero Westley, a simple farm boy, has gone out into the world to make his fortune, so that he may soon return and marry his true love, Buttercup. Years later, after Westley has been presumed killed when the ship he boarded was overtaken by the dread pirate Roberts, Buttercup is kidnapped as part of a plan to incite a war between two rival countries. As she is being carried back to the king, whom she is being forced to marry, a masked man in black pursues her. When he overtakes one of the abductors, they duel in a mighty sword fight. As they parry and joust around the rocks and over the boulders, each expresses their respect for the other’s skill. Eventually, the trained swordsman beseeches the masked man for his identity, asking him, ” Who are you? ” to which the masked man replies, ” No one of consequence. ” ” I must know, ” demands the first. ” Get used to disappointment, ” retorts the man in black. Eventually we learn that the unknown pursuer is indeed Westley, who was spared by Roberts and has come to save his love. But in revealing his identity, Westley didn’t simply state his name. Rather, he called out a phrase that he repeated to Buttercup each time she requested his help around the farm. And at that moment, even as he tumbled down a mountain, his words identified his faithful devotion to the one who had given him up for dead.


I am certain that as a follower of Jesus, you would answer as such whenever it was asked of you. But in lieu of the direct inquiries of another, how are you declaring who you are? What do you say about yourself? Are you no one of consequence because you are all about One who is greater, or do you need to leave your mark behind and make sure they know who’s behind the mask? You have been sent, and will give an account to the One who sent you. Then, what will be said about you?


As we seek Him today, take the energy you spend on making sure you’re heard and use it to listen to and declare the Lord Almighty.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org 

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