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Let Jesus Control Your Journey


Our verse for today comes from John 12:36, ” These things Jesus spoke, and departed, and was hidden from them. “


So many of us have sat through a chemistry class, or tried to read the prospectus that comes with our investments, or listened to a press conference after a ballgame and wondered what in the world did it mean. It might have been over our head, or bored us to tears, or full of nonsense and doubletalk, but we’ve all come away from something shaking our heads in wonder. Similarly, insights like, ” Be quick, but don’t hurry, ” and ” Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right, ” or ” The man who would save his life must lose it ” can give us reason to pause and contemplate. Ideally, the depth and richness of the meaning would be made known to us in order that we might fully understand and benefit from the wisdom being shared. But Jesus did not always operate within those parameters. Certainly there were times when He made His point clearly and surgically, penetrating the listener right where they needed it. But other times, Jesus spoke in enigmas and parables, and then left the audience to themselves. And in His interaction shortly before the Last Supper, Jesus spoke of walking in the Light, and then departed, and even went on the hide Himself from them. There was no explanation, and there would be no time for Q & A.


It’s one of life’s cruel twists that our most impactful moments can be those that are the least intentional. A casual remark or a seemingly insignificant act can leave an indelible mark on each of us. Whether for good or ill, we can deeply affect others without the slightest knowledge of our impression. And though we do not hide, we may never have the chance to explain what we really meant or didn’t mean. And so, our roles as ambassadors for Christ take on an even higher calling than what we might initially ascribe to them. Aware or not, we are representing someone who is not merely good, or even sinless. He’s perfect. And so, our reliance on Him to reveal Himself must direct our every word and deed, for His Name’s sake.


As we seek Him today, think of the wake that you’ll leave behind before you begin your journey, and let that guide your hands and control your lips.

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