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Life is Fragile and Fleeting


Our verse for today comes from John 9:10, ” Therefore they said to him, ‘How were your eyes opened?’ “


It was about forty days ago that I first heard the C-word spoken as it was applied to me. My visits to the dermatologist on previous occasions had required a biopsy of a particular spot on my neck, but each time the results had come back negative. This time, however, cancer was the diagnosis. Now, to my relief, it wasn’t the most serious form called melanoma, which can be aggressive and life threatening. But it also wasn’t the most basic form called basal cell carcinoma. Mine was a rare combination of the two non-melanoma types called basosquamous carcinoma. And while the danger was considerably low, there was still a risk that the cancer would metastasize or someday recur once it was removed. And so, two weeks ago, the malignancy was removed. The procedure required three separate cuts into the skin to ensure complete removal, and then approximately thirty stitches to close the wound. And today, the stitches are to come out. That’s a lot of detail for a spot the size of a dime or so, especially when so many other people have experienced all this and so much more. But I share this because my hope is that each of you will go through something that will do to you what this did to me. While there is within us a sense of our own mortality, there is also a tendency to take so much of life and health for granted. I have said many times that I would have all young adults experience a serious illness and recover, so as to burn within them the awareness of life’s fragility and preciousness.


It’s glorious for a blind man to have his eyes opened for the first time. And more glorious still for the eyes of a lost soul to be opened to the forgiveness and grace of the Savior. But there are many of us that need our eyes opened yet again. We have grown so accustomed to the way we do things that we cannot see where it has taken us. Or worse, where it may lead us. This cancer was good in that I see in a different manner now. I’ve still got things to change, but I’m thinking differently now. Perhaps there’s something that you need to take another look at.


As we seek Him today, let your next crisis, or your next blessing, be a catalyst for having your eyes checked.

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