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Light Momentary Affliction


Our verse for today regarding a clear conscience comes from 2 Corinthians 4:16-17, “So we do not lose heart. though our outer man is wasting away, our inner man is being renewed day by day. for this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.” 


I wonder what your light momentary affliction is? Could it be that your body is wearing down and you now find it difficult to function or have pain-free days? Certainly, our bodies are no match for time and the lingering effects of Adam’s sin, and our glorified bodies will exceed these beyond comparison. But perhaps your affliction is becoming more apparent. Maybe the humility God requires has not yet broken through your pride of self-reliance. Maybe you’re realizing that you’re not as honest in every detail as the God of truth wants you to be. Maybe you don’t have any big issues, but you haven’t repented of some smaller ones that are keeping you from knowing our King more. Perhaps your standard for holiness is too low or you’re not being obedient to certain parts of scripture that hit too close to home. Any of these can affect our relationship with another and darken our conscience so that we avoid the very One who has the solution to our problem. 


When we see what we really are, we should be excited and thankful as we confess, for we know that He has promised to cleanse and renew us each day we come to Him. Jesus said that everyone who is asking does receive, and he who is seeking does find. So first, make sure you are asking and seeking Him and not some image or thing you think He wants you to have. Then, accept what He gives and shows you. This two-way relationship, regardless of what we offer to Him or what He reveals to us, is the purest way to becoming like our Father. 


As you go through this day, try to set your mind and thoughts on God as much as possible. Talk to Him about every single thing you do. Ask Him what He thinks about the way you spend your day and the activities that fill your time. And thank Him for whatever afflictions you have today and the glory that is waiting for you. 

Rich Holt / BCWorldview.org


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