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Like believers, plants start in the greenhouse but often are transplanted into the real world.

Christians need to share their faith.

Quick Quote – Source – Jeff Hilles

A Biblical Christian worldview perspective – A greenhouse is intended to be a place of protection where seeds can grow under a controlled environment of nurturing. However, in many cases, at a point in the maturing process, plants outgrow their confined enclosure and, to continue to thrive and be of value to the one who invested the time to cultivate them, the plants leave the safety of the greenhouse and face the world.

This illustration can be applied to Christians as well. The former tagline for our medium-sized church was, “Greenhouse for the Great Commission”. Like plants, Christians need to be nurtured and disciplined in the early stages of their sanctification. However, to truly grow in our faith, we ultimately need to leave the protection of our church and share our faith with a lost and dying world.

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