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Listen for the Lost Calling Jesus

Look for Jesus calling out in the sounds and expressions of a friend or acquaintance who might not know the Savior they need.


Our verse for today comes from John 1:26, ” John answered them saying, ‘I baptize with water, but there stands One among you whom you do not know.’ “


In American Graffiti , writer and director George Lucas tells the story of one evening in the lives of several teenagers in California, circa 1962. On this evening, the night before Steve and Curt are scheduled to fly back east to begin college, they and their friends each encounter their own unique adventures as they hang out at the drive-in diner, cruise the strip in their cars, and dance at the back-to-school sock hop. Setting the backdrop and weaving each storyline together is the unmistakable sound of the rock and roll music of that era, and the disc jockey who helped make it famous, Wolfman Jack. As Curt heads to the sock hop, a beautiful blonde mouths the words ” I love you ” from her car before disappearing around the block, and Curt becomes obsessed with tracking her down. When he learns that Wolfman broadcasts from just outside of town, he heads to the studio in the hopes of sending a message to his mysterious blonde over the airwaves. At the radio station, Curt meets the man playing the records, but he claims to just be a jockey who plays the songs and cues up the tapes that actually have Wolfman’s recorded voice on them. He says he’ll take Curt’s message, though, and try and get it to Wolfman for him. But as Curt exits, he hears the booming sound of the DJ and his undeniable voice, and he realizes that that was, in fact, Wolfman Jack.


Presumably, you’ve been in the presence of someone noteworthy without immediately realizing it. It’s not completely uncommon for the well-known to want to go unnoticed at times. But I dare say that you have also had One among you that you were oblivious to. Jesus, in His many ways, can show up in our midst unannounced and without fanfare. Without flashing signs or a booming voice, His presence is nonetheless real as He shows up in the needs of those around us. And not just physical needs. The wounded emotions and relationships we share have the face of Jesus on them. Recognize Him, and love your neighbor as yourself.


As we seek Him today, look for Jesus calling out in the sounds and expressions of a friend or acquaintance who might not know the Savior they need.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org 

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