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Live in the Moment, with God


Our verse for today comes from Ecclesiastes 8:7, ” Since no one knows the future, who can tell someone else what is to come? “


I have never had my future told, but it’s not from a lack of opportunity. For years, along the road that I travelled regularly, there were houses with signs out front that advertised palm reading, tarot cards, and futures foretold. And when I would go to the fair, there was always a booth where you could go and find out what lie ahead for you. Even in school and among friends, there was always someone who would look at the pattern of the lines in your palm and tell you what it meant, or dangle something over your wrist to predict how many kids you would have, or even assess the way you were carrying your unborn child and declare what sex the baby was. Bookies and Odds-Makers handle millions of dollars because people think they or someone else knows what is going to happen regarding a certain event. Practically a third of our local newscast each evening has become an attempt by someone to tell us what is going to happen the next few days concerning the weather. We may not even realize it, but we spend a considerable amount of time trying to figure out what the future holds.


But no one knows. It’s not even reserved for an elect few, like those legendary monks high up in the mountains, or the smartest of the smart, or the richest of the rich. No one knows. No one. That’s pretty exclusive, and crystal clear, even for the most hard-headed ones of us. So where should we focus? If not the future, and certainly not the past, then what’s left is the present. But what about faith and hope, and trusting God to lead and direct? Well, how much are you really living like this right in the moment? Do you truly exist in a complete state of trust, relying on Him and exuding that confidence in your normal, everyday life? Is it there during housework? While you are in line to checkout? When your kids disappoint you again? Just name your activity and see if it is dripping with faith, or coming up a little dry. Our Lord knows no past or future, but only sees it all. So live like you believe that, and join Him in living in this moment right now.


As we seek Him today, ask God for the faith to live right now instead of grasping for some security in the future. Walk near Him today, and see how that goes, and where that goes.

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