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Looking for Writers

If you have a desire to get your opinion known on the intersection between contemporary issues and a Biblical Christian worldview please send me an email. We connect with over 1500 readers every day.

Biblical Christian Worldview is looking for Guest Authors who feel called to make their opinions known. Articles, with a length of 900-1500 words need to focus primarily on the intersection of contemporary issues and a Biblically-based and supported Christian worldview. We also will consider topics that provide a unique, yet traditional, insight into systematic theology. 

BCWorldview is a non-profit ministry and does not compensate our writers at this time. Authors will have a great deal of latitude on both topics and perspectives as long as they present their views respectfully, have a well-written and thought-out presentation, and affirm our Core Statement of Faith (see details). Editors will have final review and sign-off before publication. Your name will be listed as a byline unless you prefer to use a pseudonym.

We write primarily from three perspectives. 

  • First, we write with seekers in mind. 
  • Second, we write to those who are still drinking spiritual milk. 
  • Third, we write to mature Christians to challenge them, not from a theological standpoint, but in how Christianity interfaces with our ever-changing secular world.  

We do not write about esoteric and complex theological nuances that are not of interest to our three core groups above. Our focus is evangelism and multiplying ministry through thought-provoking pieces, viewing the secular world through the lens of Biblical principles. 

If you love the Lord and have a heart to contribute, PLEASE email me and let’s see what God may have in mind.  




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