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Loving Parent


Our verse for today comes from John 15:9, “As the Father loved Me, I also loved you; abide in My love.”


As a parent, one has the opportunity to experience things, express things, and pass along things that could possibly continue for generations. As the parent of six children, those opportunities are that much more numerous. Countless are the possibilities for success, but likewise are the chances for blowing it. Just now thinking of recent moments of joy, as well as disappointment, makes my lips start to quiver. I want so badly to flood my kids with affection and affirmation that my heart aches, yet life has a way of getting in the way. Responsibilities, schedules, tasks, fatigue, distractions, and on and on, steal away the intentions and hopes such that the end of the day can bring as much despair and regret as it does joy and satisfaction. And when I consider that what I am planting in them may reach down to their children and grandchildren, I am almost crushed by the weight of that reality. And of all that I may humanly want for them, nothing exceeds my desire that each of them know how much I love them. As I rehearse the thought in my mind, nothing sounds sweeter than to imagine hearing them each one day say to their own child, “As my daddy loved me, I also love you.” If I could somehow meet the bar for loving my children as God has lavishly loved me, then little else would need be done. For with that love would go assurance and confidence and humility, all the while looking to the Father who starts it all within us.


If my children could rest assured in my love for them, even as the world bombards them with uncertainty and fear, then they could taste a sampling of what Jesus has to offer to them. And if they one day bask in the love I poured out on them, but also view it as a mere shadow of God’s limitless love for them and their children, then they will know something of what it is to abide in His love. And when my lips then quiver, they will do so only out of joy and thankfulness for a Father who is faithful to the generations.


As we seek Him today, arrange your day and live it out such that it reflects what is most important to you. And make sure those around you know it.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org

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