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Make a List on the Importance of Prayer


Our verse for today comes from Ephesians 3:14, ” For this reason I bow my knees to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. “


Making a decision can be accomplished in many ways. Most are done with very little thought or analysis. Large decisions, important ones that have long term ramifications, are generally handled somewhat differently. Many people, when faced with major life decisions, will take some time and list out the positives and negatives or the pros and cons regarding their choices. One list would entail as many reasons as possible to go with that particular choice, and the other list would include the reasons not to. Many times it can help provide clarity to a tough decision, whether by simply removing some of the emotion from the situation, or just allowing one to gain some perspective as to what all is involved in the choice they are about to make. I wonder if we would have the nerve, where prayer is concerned, to make a list as to why we do and do not pray. Could we be honest enough with ourselves to list the reasons and situations where we do pray, while also listing the times and excuses we have for not praying? What would that list look like for you? How would one side of the paper compare to the other?


Now, when making a list of reasons whether to take a new job or not, the ultimate goal is to be convinced of which way to go. The worst thing would be to begin the process unsure of what to do, and at the end find yourself just as uncertain. If we were to make a list regarding our prayer life, the ultimate goal would not be to heap guilt upon ourselves, or to pat ourselves on the back for being a prayer giant. The hope would be that our spirits would be pricked to consider how awesome a privilege we have to bow our knees willingly before our Father and God. Our goal would be to realize that prayer brings us closer to our Lord than any sermon or devotion could ever hope to. And God’s hope would be that we would simply reside more often in the realm of prayer, where He has chosen to move and do according to His good will. Those are some good reasons.


As we seek Him today, let’s do it first through some time in prayer with Him. Let one side of your list grow as the other side shrinks.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org

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