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Make Sure You are on the Team


Our verse for today comes from John 4:36, ” And he who reaps receives wages and gathers fruit for eternal life, that both he who sows and he who reaps may rejoice together. “


Every four years the Summer Olympics takes place. Athletes will compete in over 40 different sports, vying for national and international acclaim, as well as a spot in history. In addition to all the events and all the races involving competition between individuals, several others consist of a team of four, racing one after the other in a relay. In a relay, teammates must not only exert their highest effort just as they do in the individual events, but they must also execute precise exchanges between one participant and the next. A poorly passed baton on the track could cost valuable tenths of a second and be the difference between winning a medal or not, or it might fall to the ground and bring on disqualification. The swimmer who waits too long to dive in the pool may not recover the ground they surrendered to their opponent, while entering the water too early disqualifies them as well. But when that fourth team member does cross the line or touch the wall first, they are celebrated and rewarded with the victor’s prize. All hail them for their effort, especially if the ending was a dramatic one. And to those of us who are casual viewers, that may be all we focus on and remember. The runner who took off first with the sound of the gun, or the swimmer who completed the first leg of the race, they have long been forgotten by us who have no stake in who they are. Their portion of the race ended minutes ago, and our attention since has fallen on the one who finished the race.


The ministry of the believer can be much like those relay races. The focus and celebration may revolve mostly around the climactic decision. Little may be known of the other participants in the journey that saw God bring that person from infidel to redeemed. But rest assured, God is fully aware. And though the one who reaps may gather the wages, God intends for them to be eternally shared with every person who played a part. So, just make sure you’re in the relay, and God will take care of when it’s your turn, and when you’ll see the rewards.


As we seek Him today, see the value in whatever you may be doing for God’s kingdom and His eternal purposes. Don’t let Satan deceive you that your role is unimportant.

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