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Mankind Attracted to the Supernatural 

How many movies, books, and especially TV series are predicated on the fact that “something is out there”, beyond what we can see and experience in the natural world? What is it about the supernatural that is so intriguing that Hollywood is able to make so much money under this genre? Finally, and most significantly, why do nearly all these plotlines portray the supernatural as being evil and that it is up to man to thwart their malevolent objectives?


The Bible certainly supports both the supernatural, in general, and the reality of evil, in particular. In the book of Genesis, Lucifer became so proud of himself that evil entered the supernatural world for the first time and he became Satan, drafting a third of the angels with him to reign on earth as the Prince of Darkness. He then convinced Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit which expanded evil from the supernatural to the natural realm, across human generations.

Life Today

Today we live with evil, both from Satan and his demons (former angels) operating all around us. We also suffer from a sinful nature that lives within each of us, regardless of the state of our eternal destination (Heaven or Hell). 

Why the focus on Evil

It is no wonder mankind is obsessed with the supernatural and leans toward its evil persona. The majority of us do not accept Biblical Christianity as truth. For many, God does not exist, and the Bible is made up of fairy tales. And yet, we still are attracted to, and titillated by, a sense that there is unidentified evil lurking around us. Since there is a reluctance to see the “good” of the supernatural world (God and His eternal kingdom), it is assumed that we, as the heroes of the material world, need to battle with the unseen ‘forces of evil’. With a view that we are the underdogs and a sense that good somehow wins out over evil, there is a prevailing view that used to be universally promoted by the media, that mankind will eventually win out over the more powerful evil ones. 

Today’s Portrayal of Evil in Hollywood

Over the last ten years, there has been a subtle shift in Hollywood’s portrayal of the battle of evil vs good. Have you noticed that good does not always win out these days? More specifically, have you noticed that there is less and less of a distinction between who the “good guys” vs. the “bad guys” are? Consider the ongoing series, Batman, or Supernatural as classic dark hero productions, among many.

Biblical Christian Awareness

The acceptance of the supernatural in fictional entertainment by the general population allows humanity to experience the sense that there is, in fact, “something out there”, without having to acknowledge a supreme being, God. Perhaps some could use this reality as a tool for evangelism. However, the deeper, nefarious nature of this trend has more to do with the habituation of the view that there is an evil supernatural that is not under the control of a supreme, all-powerful God who has offered mankind a solution. Satan is alive and well on this earth, working his plan of destruction while refusing to accept his eventual failure, clearly predicted and presented by the end of the Biblical, non-fiction account. 

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