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Man’s Technology Will Likely Be Our Demise

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A Biblical Christian worldview perspective – Technology has been a prime mover in our ever increasing standard of living and, as a 70 year old, I can’t wait for level 4-5 driverless cars as an upcoming example. However, for the first time in human history we are faced with the ability to advance technology beyond our ability to understand much less control it. 

Some would argue that nuclear war was an example of technology that predates AI in its ability to destroy mankind. I would argue that “mutually assured destruction” and man’s hand on the button, keep us somewhat in control of our destiny. That is not the case with AI and, if the Lord tarries, it will ultimately, as a technology, likely be our downfall. There are many topics in the media that are blown way out of proportion in an attempt to hold viewership. However the near-term future negative impact of artificial intelligence remains under-reported, myopic, and largely misunderstood.

The Lord has both a plan and a timetable for the removal of all life on this earth as a starting point for a “New Heaven” residing on a “New Earth” (Rev. 21:1). Even Jesus, while an earthly resident, did not know when that would take place (Matt. 25:13). So, it should not be our goal to predict His timing. However, we are given a brain to think and reason for ourselves as Biblical prophecies play out. And, one has to wonder if a jealous God (Deut. 4:24) will allow man to create something both independent and much “smarter” then ourselves before He returns to take His own.

John 14:3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also.

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