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Marvel at What God has Done for Us

As we seek Him today, let your heart overflow with praise and worship to the God of all marvels and wonders.


Our verse for today comes from John 3:7, ” Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’ “


Released some time ago, the Marvel superhero movie Captain America: Civil War has lived up to its hype and buildup. Pitting Captain America against Iron Man, the movie focuses on several Marvel characters who choose opposing sides on the issue of government oversight of their Avengers organization. Now, many of the Marvel heroes featured are well-known and possess fascinating powers. Perhaps the most popular is Spider-Man, the web-slinging scientist who has all the good of a spider’s strength, agility, senses, and reflexes, and uses it to fight evil. Captain America has been injected with a serum that transformed his body to enable it to perform at the extreme peak of human efficiency, virtually immune to fatigue, while also yielding a shield of immeasurable strength. Wolverine has the power of regeneration called the healing factor and brandishes enormous metal claws on each hand. Ant-Man has the ability to change his size down to almost any degree, and he can communicate with ants and other high-order insects. But these characters, and the Marvel universe that writers have created over time, are not what Jesus had in mind when He told Nicodemus not to marvel. No, considering the human condition, Jesus was plainly stating that nothing in or of us is worthy of eternal life with God. Even if we rolled in with superhuman strength, telekinetic powers, or unmatched intelligence, the Creator of the universe would be nothing short of unimpressed.


Quite simply, it requires very little introspection to realize that we have no business in the kingdom of God. And as such, we should marvel at any suggestion that nothing miraculous is required for us to know and fellowship and eternally dwell with our Creator. And we should marvel at what God did to take us from the impossible to the incredible. So marvel, but marvel only that God made it possible for us to be in the family of one so marvelous.


As we seek Him today, let your heart overflow with praise and worship to the God of all marvels and wonders.

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