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Migrants, Gender Poll, Liberty Univ., AI, Transgender, Jewish , More…

Monday, April 10, 2023

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that impact a Biblical Christian worldview.

“Migrants now allowed to select gender preference without proof under new DHS guidance”…

“The Homeland Security Department’s legal immigration agency is now allowing applicants to select the gender of their choice without having to provide matching documentation.

Those who already have records in the system can change their selections without proof, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services said.

The only exceptions are for those who already have become citizens, in which case proof is required.

Washington Times

“Poll: 60% of voters avoid talking about controversial issues like gender identity”…

“Nearly six out of every 10 voters admit they are now staying quiet about certain issues in order to keep the peace and avoid conflict, a new Morning Consult poll finds.

In the poll of 2,007 voters commissioned by State Policy Network, researchers found that 59% of respondents insist they are now taking such steps, especially when it comes to hot-button subjects as sexual orientation and gender identity, political campaigns and abortion.”

Just The News

“‘I Am Beyond Grateful’: Liberty University Names New President, Chancellor in Wake of Jerry Falwell Scandal”…

“Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Dondi Costin, Ph.D., will serve as Liberty’s sixth president, and Jonathan Falwell, son of the late Jerry Falwell, Sr., who founded the now-university as a Bible college in 1971, will be formally installed as the college’s third chancellor, a significant appointment, given it’s a role his father once held alongside his titles as founder and president of the university.

Costin, who served in the U.S. Air Force for 32 years and ended his tenure in the military as Air Force Chief of Chaplains, holds five master’s degrees — two of which he received from Liberty — and a doctorate in organizational leadership. He is leaving his position as president of Charleston Southern University in South Carolina to assume the role in Virginia.”

CBN News

“AI could go ‘Terminator,’ gain upper hand over humans in Darwinian rules of evolution, report warns”…

“Artificial intelligence could gain the upper hand over humanity and pose “catastrophic” risks under the Darwinian rules of evolution, a new report warns.

Evolution by natural selection could give rise to “selfish behavior” in AI as it strives to survive, author and AI researcher Dan Hendrycks argues in the new paper “Natural Selection Favors AIs over Humans.”

“We argue that natural selection creates incentives for AI agents to act against human interests. Our argument relies on two observations,” Hendrycks, the director of the Center for AI Safety, said in the report. “Firstly, natural selection may be a dominant force in AI development… Secondly, evolution by natural selection tends to give rise to selfish behavior.”

Fox News

“Punched, Brutalized, Spit On: ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’ Leads to International Violence”…

“Angry transgender activists surrounded a Canadian conservative and punched his throat; in America, LGBT demonstrators physically or verbally harassed conservative counter-protesters; and two Christian schools canceled classes due to violent threats issued in the shadow of a mass murder. These scenes of mayhem played out as a spate of violence, intimidation, and threats spanning at least two countries marked the annual “Transgender Day of Visibility” held each March 31 by and on behalf of those who identify as members of the opposite sex.”

Washington Stand

“Anti-Defamation League announces new outpost in Brooklyn, the ‘epicenter’ of antisemitic assaults”…

“In a recent report on rising antisemitism in the United States, the Anti-Defamation League called Brooklyn “the epicenter of assaults.” Now, the group is opening an office in the borough to respond to antisemitic incidents there. 

The Brooklyn office will open at the end of next month with a staff of two, and will work under the auspices of the ADL’s New York-New Jersey regional office. Brooklyn is home to some 600,000 Jews – a number that, according to the most recent available figures, represents a majority of New York City’s Jewish population and nearly a quarter of the borough’s residents. Brooklyn is also home to several large Hasidic communities. 

Jewish Telegraph Agency

“Milennials, Gen Z less likely to embrace religion, patriotism than older Americans: poll”…

“The share of Americans who see the value of patriotism and religious faith has declined sharply in the past four years as younger Americans detach themselves from traditional American values long honored by older generations, according to a new poll. 

The Wall Street Journal and the University of Chicago’s NORC conducted a survey asking 1,019 adults what values they view as “very important.” The responses, collected from March 1-13, show a drop in the percentage of Americans who place a high premium on the values of patriotism, religion, having children and community involvement compared to previous surveys asking the same questions.

In 2023, 38% of Americans identified patriotism as a “very important” value. This represents a noticeable decline from the 61% who described patriotism as “very important” in 2019 and the 70% who said the same in 1998.”

Christian Post

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