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Monday, December 19, 2022

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that run counter to a Biblical Christian worldview.

Anti-LGBT – Huffington Post – “Anti-LGBTQ Hate Thrives Online, Spurs Fears Of More Violence… Hate speech and threats of violence targeting transgender people and other LGBTQ individuals is thriving on social media and spurring fears of more violence… In the days after a gunman killed five people at a gay nightclub in Colorado last month, much of social media lit up with the now familiar expressions of grief, mourning and disbelief… But on some online message boards and platforms, the tone was celebratory. “I love waking up to great news,” wrote one user on Gab, a platform popular with far-right groups. Other users on the site called for more violence.

Amazon Excluding Christian Charity – Daily Signal – “Conservatives, Christians Systematically Excluded From Benefits of Christmas Shopping on Amazon… Of course, Amazon won’t let you support just any cause. Your shopping can’t help violent white supremacists like the Ku Klux Klan, or antisemitic groups like the Nation of Islam, or supporters of that notoriously evil cause, religious liberty.

Christian Hate Speech – “Princeton Students Complain University Didn’t Protect Them From Demonstrators’ Hate Speech… Students at Princeton were subjected last week to hate speech while passing by a group of “self-identifying Christian protestors” on a street adjacent to campus… According to The Daily Princetonian, aside from spewing “sexist, homophobic, antisemitic, Islamophobic, anti-Catholic, and otherwise offensive remarks,” the alleged Christians also carried signs reading “feminists are whores” and “women belong in the kitchen.”.. Instead of ignoring these obvious creeps, some students chose to complain about how they weren’t “protected” by the university… Muslim student Derin Arat said that if she has to pass by the protesters en route to class, Princeton has a “duty to protect [her] well-being and provide [her] security.”

End-Times Implant – TechBlog – “Swedish Company Epicenter Develops Microchip Implant That Can Be Used as a Vaccine Passport..Sweden-based startup, Epicenter, has developed a microchip implant that can be used to store your COVID-19 vaccine passport directly beneath the skin, either in the arm or between the thumb and forefinger. It utilizes use near-field communication (NFC) technology, which communicates with any NFC-compatible smartphone. Read more for a video of it in-action and additional information.”

Human Rights Commission – Fox News – “Human rights commissioner in MA quits after mocking God, blasting ‘trash’ Christians amid Christmas tree spat… “In closing, I would like to add a F— YOU, YOU PIECES OF TRASH. I hate each and every one of you and I do wish great suffering on you. You are terrible, terrible people. And you did it all because you didn’t get your way. You are despicable,” Loud concluded.“

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