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Monday, December 5, 2022

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that run counter to a Biblical Christian worldview.

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Cheating Spouse – Denison Forum – “My city is home to the most cheating spouses in America…Researchers have identified the US cities with the highest rates of marital infidelity, comparing two hundred of the largest metro areas with regard to relationship satisfaction, life satisfaction, infidelity intent, and affair activities. The results are in: the three most “unfaithful” cities in America, in order, are Dallas, Texas, Fort Worth, Texas, and Houston, Texas.”

Remove Cross – CBN – “Atheists ‘Insist’ GA Police ‘Immediately Remove’ Cross, Saying Complainant Fears for His or Her Safety… “The cross unabashedly creates the perception of official government support for Christianity,” the letter read. “It conveys the message to the 30% of Americans who are not religious that they are not ‘favored members of the political community.’” The complaint came after a local citizen reportedly reached out to the FFRF with concerns. This individual purportedly fears for their safety.”

Brain Implant – Fox Business – “Elon Musk ‘confident’ in Neuralink microchip device, expects to begin human trials in six months… The business mogul said the wireless device, which would be implanted in the brain of disabled patients with the intentions of helping them move and communicate again, is expected to begin human clinical trials in six months. Neuralink has been conducting tests on animals over the past few years while waiting for U.S. regulatory approval to begin trials on people.”

Oath Keepers Conviction – World – “Oath Keepers founder convicted of seditious conspiracy…A Washington, D.C., jury on Tuesday convicted Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the far-right group Oath Keepers, of seditious conspiracy for his part in the riot and storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. A jury found that Rhodes encouraged his followers to be prepared for a civil war and was in contact with them from outside while they stormed the Capitol. This is the first time someone has been convicted of seditious conspiracy since 1995. The charge calls for up to 20 years in prison. ”

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