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Monday, January , 2023

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that run counter to a Biblical Christian worldview.

One in four Americans say they believe in astrology… While a growing share of U.S. adults are religiously unaffiliated, there is one belief that appears to unite a significant share of them: astrology. YouGov’s latest poll finds that a little more than one-quarter of Americans (27%) – including 37% of adults under 30 – say that they believe in astrology, or that the position of the stars and planets influences people’s lives. About half of Americans (51%) say they don’t believe in astrology and 22% are unsure.” – YouGov

CA Teen Girl Traumatized by Naked Trans Person in YMCA Shower: ‘The Safety of Girls Is on the Chopping Block’… “I immediately went back into the shower terrified and hid behind their flimsy excuse for a curtain until he was gone,” she testified before the Santee City Council. “I ran into a stall to change as quickly as I could to organize my thoughts to share with the front desk.”… Could you knowingly send an underage girl into a room where there was a naked male and say that she was not in danger, that she was safe, or more importantly, that this was right?” Phillips asked the city council members.” – CBN News

Minnesota Senate passes abortion bill opponents call ‘most extreme’ in nation… Opponents disagree, arguing the bill establishes a right to abortion up until the moment of birth. Republicans had attempted to amend the bill with “guard rails” that would restrict abortions in the third-trimester, but the newly-elected Democratic majority blocked their amendments.” – Fox News

WHISTLEBLOWER: South Carolina schools teaching CRT… The Left will tell you that Critical Race Theory (CRT) isn’t being taught in universities and K-12 schools. They are lying to you. Critical Race Theory IS being taught and practiced in schools and universities around America. Whistleblower, Adam Mahdavi, a former student of the University of South Carolina School of Education, has come forward with evidence of how organizations are using deceptive tactics to sidestep parents and the state education standards to get CRT into the classroom.” – Libs of TikTok

Anti-LGBTQ+ baker loses appeal when court rules he discriminated against trans woman… He repeatedly said that he would make a birthday cake for anyone, so Scardina decided to ask him for just that: a birthday cake. She said she believed him when he said he would make a birthday cake for anyone, and she wanted it to be blue on the outside and pink inside… Scardina said that Phillips was fine with her order when she requested it in June 2017 until she mentioned that she’s transgender and the meaning that the colors have for her. Phillips allegedly told her that he “did not make cakes for ‘sex changes.’” – LGBTQ Nation

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