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Monday, January 9, 2023

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that run counter to a Biblical Christian worldview.

Voices of the Persecuted Church (Part 1): The Chinese Underground Church… In China today, some experts believe there are 130 to 150 million Christians growing at a rate of 30,000 new believers a day according to Dr. Eugene Bach, co-author of “The Underground Church.” – Washington Stand

‘When Does Life Start?’: The New York Times Asks One of Life’s Biggest Questions — How Should Christians Answer It?… The Bible is very clear that we exist because God has said, let there be life. And that beginning of life is at the very moment of conception, or we might even say fertilization when the sperm and the egg come together and when God says, let there be life, there is absolutely no logic in the scripture that allows us to adopt the kind of trimester structure of the Roe v. Wade decision.” – Albert Mohler Brief

New gay Congressman Robert Garcia will be sworn in on a comic book… While many members of Congress will be sworn in on Bibles, they are not legally required to do so. Former Rep. – and current Minnesota attorney general – Keith Ellison (D-MN), who was the first Muslim person elected to Congress in 2007, was sworn in on a copy of the Quran owned by Thomas Jefferson.” – LGBTQ Nation

South Carolina Supreme Court strikes down heartbeat law… The South Carolina Supreme Court struck down a law Thursday that protects babies after a heartbeat is detected, saying it violates a right to privacy in the state constitution. The law included exceptions for cases of rape, incest, and protecting the life of the mother. Republican Gov. Henry McMaster signed the law in 2021, and Planned Parenthood South Atlantic sued in July. Now, the state protects babies in most cases after 20 weeks. ” – World

2 in 5 Americans Believe We Are in the ‘End Times’… Close to 2 in 5 Americans (39%) agree “we are living in the end times,” according to Pew Research. The study further divides the end-times believers into two groups: those who believe Jesus will return to Earth someday and the world situation will worsen until then (14% of Americans) and everyone else who believes these are the end times (25%).” – Lifeway Research

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