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Monday, September 19, 2022

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that run counter to a Biblical Christian worldview.

Woke Culture – “The expression “go woke, go broke” has picked up steam in recent years as companies that embrace liberal ideology have suffered, but new ownership at CNN and Politico indicate the catchphrase can apply to news organizations, too. “

Book Banning – “The wave of attempted book banning and restrictions continues to intensify, the American Library Association reported Friday. Numbers for 2022 already approach last year’s totals, which were the highest in decades….. According to a report issued in April, the most targeted books have included Maia Kobabe’s graphic memoir about sexual identity, “Gender Queer,” and Jonathan Evison’s “Lawn Boy,” a coming-of-age novel narrated by a young gay man.”

Abortion Clinics – “The state of California launched a publicly funded website Tuesday to promote the state’s abortion services… That website went live Tuesday, following an announcement from Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom… It lists clinics, links to financial help for travel and lodging, and also lets teenagers in other states know they don’t need their parent’s permission to get an abortion in the state.”

Presentism – Bill Maher offered a critique of the emerging term “presentism”, used by Liberals. It can be defined as applying the past based on the morality of today. Standing on your “moral time machine”. “[L]iberals [are] accusing conservatives of wanting to whitewash the past — And sometimes that’s true, sometimes they do. But plenty of liberals also want to abuse history to control the present.”

Fox News Poll – Survey results – “Extremely or Very Concerned about”

  • Inflation & higher prices – 89%
  • Future of US Democracy – 8
  • Political Divisions – 79%
  • Higher Crime rates – 79%
  • What’s taught in schools – 71% 

Immigrants – In Martha’s Vineyard less than 48 hours – from Huffington Post – Around 50 men, women and children voluntarily boarded buses Friday morning that took them to a ferry to the mainland. The group of migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard this week are being relocated to a military base that is better equipped to temporarily house them, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) announced Friday.”

The Atlantic  – Separating Sports by Sex Doesn’t Make Sense “Though school sports are typically sex-segregated, a new generation of kids isn’t content to compete within traditional structures.”

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