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My Mom and Suicide

The Lord can bring hope, joy, and peace if we draw close to Him.

I will never forget the day my mother committed suicide over 50 years ago.  My wife and I visited her on the morning of that fateful day and found out that my Dad had come home drunk the night before.

It was only after she passed that I connected all the dots.

When I was in my late teens, my mother confided in me that she had had 7 abortions.  And over the years, I overheard her several times that she “would end it all.”  All of these things were a desperate cry for help that did not come, and I only realized this much later in life.

On the morning of her suicide, she was very calm and told us that she was glad that all her children were now adults and did not need her any longer.  Looking back, I could tell that she was devastated by her abortions and that she was only waiting for the time when she felt no longer needed.  My Dad’s drunkenness did not cause her suicide, but it was the trigger that caused her to act.

Sadly, my Mom lived until her death with a load of guilt that was too much to bear, and the only way out for her was suicide.  She realized that psychological counseling would not help, since her view was that would be like a house painter putting another coat of paint over a rotting structure.  It would look good for a while, but inside the rotting festers.  

I did not know it at the time, but there is such a wonderful way to get our life and our joy back when we are tormented by abortion or by any other sin we have committed.  Our Lord Jesus Christ came into this world so that we could have forgiveness of our sins and be free from all guilt.  If my Mom had been the only person on earth in need of healing from abortion or from any other sin, He would have come to the earth just for her, for He loves us so much that He even gave His own life so that we can have our sins forgiven.

Never give up hope; rather, come to the Lord and He will give you peace.

Romans 15:13 – Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

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