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Nationalism, 10 Commandments, Chaplains, SBC loss, More…

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that impact a Biblical Christian worldview.

‘Christian Nationalism?’ Texas Legislation Would Require Ten Commandments Be Posted in Schools

“Allowing the Ten Commandments and prayer back into our public schools is one step we can take to make sure that all Texans have the right to freely express their sincerely held religious beliefs,” he said in a statement, adding that the bills “will enable our students to become better Texans.”

Texas lawmaker calling Ten Commandments in schools ‘deeply un-Christian’ opposed ban on sexually explicit materials in libraries

“Rep. Talarico misquotes Jesus, suggests placing Commandments in schools is ‘idolatrous’ in hearing”

“But Talarico — whose Twitter bio describes him as a “former middle school teacher, proud progressive, and eighth generation Texan” and quotes 1 John 4:8 — said during a public education committee hearing on May 2 that he believes SB1515 is “unconstitutional” and “deeply un-Christian.”

Texas plan to put chaplains in public schools is latest move to inject Christianity

“The scale of transformation and spiritual renewal resulting from the school chaplain program might be best described as revival,” their website reads. “Millions of young people and adults in their lives are being won to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and discipled in the name of Jesus. Discipleship involves training to win and disciple others.”

The legislation would allow a public school to employ a chaplain to fulfill a broad range of roles on campus and would not require them to earn state certification.”

State Cuts Parents Out of Equation for Minors Seeking Trans Medical Procedures

“A new Washington state law has drawn national attention after opponents said it elevates state authority over parental rights, allowing minors to pursue medical gender-changing interventions and abortions without parents’ consent.”

SBC loses over 450K members in 2022; largest drop in membership in 100 years

“Lifeway Christian Resources released a report on Tuesday noting that while baptisms and worship attendance rose last year, approximately 457,000 people left the largest Protestant denomination in the United States.

According to Lifeway, total SBC membership went from approximately 13.68 million members in 2021 to 13.22 million members in 2022, noting that the “457,371 members lost is the largest single year numerical drop in more than 100 years.””

Tucker Carlson Announces New Twitter Show, Defends Right to Free Speech

“He believes there are few online places these days where people are allowed to tell the truth, but he says that under Elon Musk’s leadership, Twitter has finally become one of those places.”

18 Christian colleges have closed or merged since beginning of COVID-19 pandemic

“Eighteen of the dozens of colleges that have closed permanently or were forced to merge since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic were Christian colleges, according to a recent report. 

Higher Ed Dive recently published a report on the closure or merging of dozens of colleges throughout the country, 18 of which were Christian colleges.

In addition to the pandemic, the group noted that factors such as the high cost of attending college, stagnating state funding, and a shrinking number of high school graduate enrollees have contributed to the decline.”

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