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Nationalism, Hispanics, Assisted Suicide, India, More…

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that impact a Biblical Christian worldview.

Christian nationalist bemoans the results of Christian nationalism

“Stubson cries that “Christian nationalists have hijacked both my Republican Party and my faith community by blurring the lines between church and government and in the process rebranding our state’s identity,” yet the Christian Coalition has been active since the late ‘80s, and its overt and partisan religiosity has been a corrosive influence on our politics for decades.”

Hispanics are abandoning the Catholic Church

“The Hispanic community in America is thought to be shaped by diehard Catholicism — in pop culture and politics alike. For over a century, Catholic Churches were a place of refuge for new migrants to the United States, who faced violence and exploitation; unlike the State, the Church offered protection, as well as a connection to the lives left behind. But widespread assumptions about Latinos have been overturned recently: once considered reliable Democrat voters, Hispanics came out for the Republicans in 2016 in greater numbers than ever. And this demographic’s religious affiliations, as well as its political ones, have also shifted. They are moving to the polar extremes of American faith: abandoning religion altogether, or becoming Evangelicals.”

CA to Pay $300K After Trying to Force Religious Doctors to Assist with Suicides

“The state of California will no longer force doctors to participate in physician-assisted suicide against their religious convictions and professional ethics after settling a lawsuit brought by a Christian physician and the Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA).“

60 Christians Dead, 400 Churches Destroyed in Violent Uprising: ‘Literally On the Run’

“Christians in northeast India are under attack as a violent conflict between two ethnic groups continues to cause civil unrest.

I think the attacks have really been driven…by the central government,” David Curry, president and CEO of Global Christian Relief told CBN News. “The BGJ party has made being a Christian something that is not considered part of India. It seems as though their message is ‘If you are not a Hindu, you are not an Indian’ and this has allowed this escalation of violence against Christians and Christian churches.” 

AI-generated image of explosion at Pentagon goes viral, chaos in stock markets

“AI-generated image which showed an explosion at the Pentagon, a key military site in the United States went viral on social media on Monday. The fake image of the explosion were reported as real by multiple news platforms evoking some chaos and the markets were also affected with S&P 500 falling by 30 points minutes after the news.”

Does God exist? Only half of Americans say a definite yes

“Not quite 50 percent of Americans say they have no doubt about the existence of God, according to the 2022 survey, released Wednesday by NORC, the University of Chicago research organization. As recently as 2008, the share of sure-believers topped 60 percent.”

AP reporter spars with State Department official over pronoun email confusion: ‘It’s wrong’

“At the conclusion of Patel’s Thursday briefing, Associated Press reporter Matt Lee, who covers the State Department, asked Patel to address the new internal pronoun policy which reportedly mandates all employees to include their pronouns in the ‘from’ field on all agency emails. Lee said he discovered the “mandatory” policy hours earlier during an email exchange with Patel’s colleagues.”

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