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No Christian has Correct Theology

Our ability to perfectly interpret all of Scripture through the lens of our sin nature is not realistic.

A reader offered an insightful comment from our article on the use of the Bible as a legal defense against the accusation of using Hate Speech (details here).

In brief, the comment was…

“It’s interesting you say God’s opinion. It’s not God’s opinion that bothers me: it’s what selective humans’ opinions on what they BELIEVE God’s opinion is that are troublesome… Or for that matter Christian organizations who are full into Prosperity Gospel and others that are more along the lines of assisting the impoverished.”

My Response…

I cannot argue with your comments. If I said, for example, that Biblical Christians are just responding to what they understand of God’s commands, you could challenge that by saying, “Yes, and the same was true when you all used the Bible to support slave ownership.”

The truth is that we are sinners, struggling to live in a sinful world, with Satan whispering in our ears on top of all that. I believe saved Christians have an added weapon (the Holy Spirit), but as Paul said in Romans 7:21-25, even he (Paul) continues to battle to do right when his actions are so often wrong.

Then we have the logical approach of unbelievers who pick the worst examples of “Christians”, like prosperity gospel folks, and generalize their views to all Christians.

Yup, it’s a mess. This is why, among many reasons, I have to believe that God drags us kicking and screaming to the cross of Christ for salvation, which only comes through faith, not by looking at the behavior of our brothers and sisters.

Christian Theology is Impossible to Define in Detail

Christians are as diverse on the subject of their theology as any other subset of humanity on any other complex topic. 

Biblical Christian Worldview offered an article last year on the subject of our diverse and changing views on correct vs. incorrect systematic theology (details here). Some Christians believe in miracles, others don’t. Christians differ in their timing of the Rapture, Tribulation, Second Coming, Millennial reign, etc. Some believe once-saved-always-saved, while others strongly disagree. Some sprinkle babies, others only submerge for baptism. Some Christians believe in women’s rights over a fetus, and others strongly reject that priority. The list goes on and on and on. 

Christian Theology Changes Over Time

We had our Biblical theology wrong during the Crusades in the 11th through 13th centuries (details here). We had our Biblical theology wrong when we were forcing conversions as “missionaries” in third-world countries during the Inquisition (details here). We were wrong in our theology when we were excusing slavery by arguing it was not called out clearly as a sin in Scripture. We are wrong in our theology if we believe that God will grant us material wealth if we follow Him (Word of Faith Movement, details here). We are wrong in our theology when we believe we can summarize the whole Bible in half a verse (Luke 10:27b) “love your neighbor as yourself”. 


The point is that Christians, including Biblical Christians, don’t get their theology right all the time. Consider that today there are approximately 2 billion professing “Christians” and it is estimated that there are “around 45k different Christian denominations globally, as of 2024 (details here). Bottom line… it is absurd to think that any one individual or denomination is “theologically correct” in all its doctrine.

What I believe we can say is that there is a set of core beliefs (details here) that can be relied on as God’s truth. What makes them so special is that, taken as a group, they provide salvation for the lost, the entrance of the Counselor (Holy Spirit) into the believer’s life, and, eternity in Heaven. It is in our glorified state, with God the Father and Christ the Son, where we can truly get all our theology straightened out and be fully recovered from our current state of sin. 

As it is written: “None is righteous, no, not one; no one understands; no one seeks for God. – Romans 3:10-11

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