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Nothing Will Replace Christ

As we seek Him today, do it as if He were very alive and the most popular thing in the world.


Our verse for today comes from 1 Samuel 8:22, ” The Lord said to Samuel, ‘Listen to them and give them a king.’ “


When I mention the name Friedrich Nietzsche, one phrase probably comes to mind. ” God is dead. ” When I say the Beatles, you probably think of their music. But if I were to ask for the most memorable quote from them, you most likely would recall John Lennon’s statement that they were more popular than Jesus. Now, I must say that merely typing these words makes me a little uncomfortable. Part of it is the extreme arrogance and hubris expressed in these sentiments. But part of it is tied to the notion that many more people than we care to think would actually agree with these opinions, or ones very similar to them. Step outside your ordinary circle of relationships and get a sense of the values and priorities of others. Watch and listen to the people living life as they know it, and see what motivates them, influences them, and then determine how popular Jesus is in their day-to-day. God is a crutch, Jesus is a good guy, God is an idea, Jesus isn’t relevant. How does the God of the universe lose His place as preeminent among all creation? How does a philosophy, or a movement, or a music group, or nothingness, usurp what is rightfully and only His?


Things replace things. Your smartphone replaced your flip phone. Your GPS did away with your fold-up map. But for followers of Jesus, nothing will replace Christ. So, what did Jesus replace in your life? Condemnation? Yes. Emptiness? Yes. No purpose in life? Yes. Those are good. Actually, they’re great. And if He replaced a bad habit or a destructive lifestyle, then praise Him all the more. But, sometimes we replace one habit with another, one hobby with another. And if your relationship with Jesus is just your version of another person’s golf or shopping or exercising, then you’ve just exchanged one hobby for another. Saul was the man who replaced God. Imagine the expectations, the pressure to deliver. He wasn’t able. Nothing else is. Don’t replace God, and don’t use Him as a replacement. Love Him as if there is nothing else to love.


As we seek Him today, do it as if He were very alive and the most popular thing in the world.

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