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Only two people are indigenous, Adam and Eve; Everyone else is a colonizer.

We need to set aside differences and get along with our neighbors.

Quick Quote Source – Darrell Harrelson

A Biblical Christian worldview perspective – Throughout history, there has been so much fighting over land based on who came first and who has the right to occupy it. Today, this is being played out on the world stage in places like Gaza, Ukraine, Taiwan, and potentially Korea.

God began mankind with Adam and Eve and the rest of us have populated the world from that small but significant beginning. We have been told to love the Lord, and through this, to love and care for each other as the summary of all of God’s commands. Yet, sadly, our sin nature continues to overwhelm our behavior.

The endpoint of our current behavior of selfishness is coming when God will return those of us who have trusted Him, back to a sinless state and the world will be renewed as a New Heaven and New Earth (Rev. 21-22).

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