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Our Daily Battles


Our verse for today comes from Luke 15:31, “And he said to him, ‘Son, you are always with me, and all that I have is yours.’”


I imagine that many of us experience the unending battle of feeling good about ourselves and then feeling like we are failures to some degree.  It’s wonderful when we have been successful or done something well to feel that rewarding sense of accomplishment.  We need that encouragement and positive reinforcement in our lives.  But it’s disheartening when our efforts fall short and we know that we have failed.  That sense of inadequacy has the ability to attack our deepest self and leave behind a void that can have real staying power.  And this back and forth, while being no respecter of persons, also isn’t too concerned about the what or the when or the why. 

The smallest incident can create a mushroom cloud of blessing or suffering that goes so much further than what we might have expected.  The least of moments can become hugely impactful, while the highly anticipated ones can fizzle into nothing.  And for the believer, while wanting to do well and be pleased with ourselves, we have the added calling and desire to do what is pleasing in God’s eyes.  But we also have the tussle of feeling bad about feeling good.  When we are doing what we think is satisfying to God, we can immediately be met with the guilt of feeling prideful.  We want to honor God, and it is satisfying when we do, but we then can struggle with how much satisfaction is too much.  When do we say that the glory is His, and when do we actually mean it?


But like many other battles that we encounter as believers, this one is a good one.  It is good to wrestle over how we handle doing what’s right and wrong.  The greater problems would be to care little about doing His good pleasure, or striving for such and then basking in all the praises or good tidings that followed.  That describes a heart that needs evaluating at a very deep level.  Likewise, caring about the wrongs we do is a far better place to be than being oblivious to them or callous about their cause and effect.  The comfort comes in knowing that we are always with Him, and all that He has is ours.  Let that guide you through the battles of the day.


As we seek Him today, let whatever battles you encounter bring you back to the blessings of His presence and the bounty of His goodness.

Rich Holt | BCWorldview.org


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