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Our Priorities vs. God’s Priorities


Our verse for today comes from John 8:36, ” Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. “


In our worship service yesterday, we took some time to honor those who were part of our church family who had suffered from and passed away due to cancer. We also recognized those among us who were currently battling that evil disease, and rejoiced with many who have been living cancer-free or in remission for some time. One man spoke of the extremely rare cancer that he had, one that attached itself to his spine and was compressing his vertebrae. The doctor gave him a grim prognosis, one whose upside included four years to live and confinement to a wheelchair. But after the shock of the news had sunk in, he decided that he would pursue other opinions. And so, he found other doctors who were using some advanced methods to treat his type of cancer, and eventually had to move to Boston for two months to try and get a new lease on life. And it all was worth it. The extra effort and research to find another doctor, the ultra-intense radiation that has left behind burns that have even yet to heal, and the upheaval on his life to relocate for two months and live as the guest of a cold, impersonal hospital, it all has led to healing and renewed hope. But why?


Why did God nudge one woman to examine herself for the first time to find out she had a tiny spot of cancer? Why has another’s cancer been gone for a while, yet upon its return, the growth is so small the doctors do not need to treat it yet? Why was surgery for the cancer on one man’s kidney delayed while his other kidney was being restored to working order, only to find out that, in the interim, God had healed the large mass of cancer on the first kidney? Surely there is a reason.

Surely the extremes to which people will go to extend their lives on earth, and the battles and fears that they overcome, are purposed for more than a return to life as it was once the healing comes. Certainly God has bigger things intended than a return to the trivial and petty, the indulgent and self-serving. I pray no one survives cancer just to be able to watch more tv or complain about the service in a restaurant. Much has been overcome, be it cancer or eternal damnation, so go and do in like kind.


As we seek Him today, use your day as the valuable commodity that it is.

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