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Overturning Tables in our Own Life


Our verse for today comes from John 2:14, ” And He found in the temple those who sold oxen and sheep and doves, and the money changers doing business. “


Having been to a couple dozen Passover celebrations at the temple in Jerusalem, Jesus was very familiar with all of the hustle and bustle that now accompanied this special festival. He knew to expect huge crowds of people and animals everywhere, plenty of celebrating to be going on, and even the increased level of crime that goes with thousands of travelers descending upon one location. He had certainly seen the money changers and vendors set up their booths and make a quick buck catering to the hordes of strangers that needed correct currency or additional supplies to accomplish everything they intended throughout the festival. But when He came into Jerusalem this time, even His years of experience and God- like awareness did not prepare Him for what He saw firsthand in the temple. These money changers, these vendors of merchandise and animals, had staked out their territory deep within the walls of God’s house, crowding out the people from their areas of prayer and worship and fellowship. These necessary evils that came with the commerce of the times, had seized the crack in the door and placed themselves where they had no business being. Jesus was appalled at the sight of the dishonor and disgrace His Father was receiving as the very Passover Lamb Himself watched His Father’s House being turned into a Super Wal-Mart.


And then, He turns and looks at us, His current temples that house His Holy Spirit. And what does He see? Is the room that used to occupy prayer now filled with Facebook postings? Is His Word covered up with our daily planner and smartphone? Are there dozens of other things, necessary evils or pleasant enjoyments, that have pushed their way through the crack in the door and corralled space that used to have a higher purpose? It happens, even in Jerusalem in the temple of God. Life and business and family keep rolling, and something’s got to give. Today, let it be your knees. Bow to the Father and ask Him to take back what is His. He never tires of hearing that plea.


As we seek Him today, look in your heart to see if there are a few tables that need to be overturned. Ask God to renew your desire for Him over whatever might be squeezing Him out.

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