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Parents, Fired, Banks, Gender, Anti-Jewish, Levine, Biden, More…

Monday, March 20, 2023 • WATCH: Parents outraged after students mandated to watch drag performance, school doubles down
• ‘They Said They Wanted A Black Person To Do This Job’: DEI Instructor Fired By College For Not Being Woke Enough
• Moody’s considers downgrading six banks
• ‘Exposing the Gender Lie’: Authors share how to protect kids from false transgender ideology
• Anti-Jewish incidents jumped nearly 20% in 2021, FBI finds
• Biden Moves to Reverse Campus Religious Freedom Rule
• Dr. Rachel Levine says changing kids' genders will soon be fully embraced: 'Wheels will turn on this'

His Only Son, Gov. Censorship, Wokeness, Cannabis, More…

Friday, March 17, 2023 • Biblical drama centering around 'controversial' passage in Scripture enjoys crowdfunding success
• Most young adults say schools do 'good job' teaching traditional values; older generations disagree
• Most Americans view ‘wokeness’ as a positive term even though many conservatives don’t: study
• Church of Cannabis fights to keep ritual ‘meditation’ sculpture, claims Denver violating 1st Amendment
• Anti-Jewish incidents jumped nearly 20% in 2021, FBI finds
• Christian school shuts down instead of closing conversion therapy program
• ‘Chilling’: Liberal Journalists Taken Aback by Government Censorship of Social Media

Biden Sinful, TikTok, Assisted Suicide, China, Church Matters, More…

Thursday, March 16, 2023 • President Biden’s New Theological Category: ‘Close to Sinful’ — But the Bible Knows Nothing of the It
• White House-Backed TikTok Bill Is Toothless, China Hawks Say
• Woman wins lawsuit for non-resident assisted suicide in Vermont
• Does the church still matter today? Why that’s the wrong question for us to ask
• Jesus Revolution Producer: ‘I’ve Never Seen Such a Profound Response to a Movie’
• Wisconsin Republicans use a sneaky legislative move to keep conversion therapy legal
• Could Wokeness be Winding Down?

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