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Lawless Part 2 – Six Megatrends Contributing To A Lawless Nation

This is the second in a series of articles focused on the implications of America becoming a lawless nation. The intent is to review megatrends in our nation that are contributing to its lawlessness. Earlier articles in the series include:

In this article, we will outline six megatrends that are likely contributing to why our nation cannot be found in the Bible during the End Times. 


America is accelerating in the direction of a socialistic state, where our government is taking on more and more of the responsibility for providing goods and services directly to those most in need. On the surface, this love for our citizenry would appear to be altruistic and worthwhile. However, the necessary underpinnings that are required to make these programs functional have long-term detrimental consequences. The extent to which these trends persist will determine our continued viability as a sovereign nation. There are numerous articles on our website that attempt to expose these issues and concerns. Below is a brief list of megatrends that will likely result in the loss of our preeminent position among the nations of the world. Over time, in combination with other events, (nuclear war, Cyber Terrorism, EMP attack, total financial collapse, a more virulent pandemic, etc.), they could contribute to the total breakdown of our society (Lawlessness).


  • National Borders Our current administration views America as a sanctuary country, allowing entrance to all who are persecuted and, to a great degree, simply impoverished. This lack of border control continues to allow not only children, released from their parents in hopes of a better life but illicit drugs and gang members to enter the richest nation in the world. Further, it has emboldened and funded those who provide transit and logistics.
  • National Debt – Beginning with Trump and continuing under Biden, this country has significantly increased its debtor status. (Currently the National Debt stands at $28 Trillion, representing $85k for every single person in America.) The consequences of these actions (inflation and potential default) will likely not surface for months or even years. However, over time, our debt load may be the single, most significant factor in foreign intervention, the loss of our currency preeminence, and the hollowing out of this country.
  • Income Redistribution – Socialism has, at its core, the forced reallocation of wealth and privilege from the successful to the poor by way of an inefficient governmental-based process (Equity and Equality). This system, juxtaposed by Capitalism, has been shown to have devastating consequences as it removes the motivation of a work ethic, fundamental to the past success of this country. 
  • Lack of Nationalism – When a country’s population reaches a stage in its deterioration where people no longer see themselves as citizens, but instead as small, fractional tribes, each competing for their own personal wellbeing, the nation loses its will to live. In 1961, John F. Kennedy, a Democrat, offered a call to nationalism, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.” Today, the call to Socialism breeds dependency on a unified government. However, that dependency has aspects of an addiction rather than nationalistic pride. The recent removal of statues, renaming of institutions, and the rewriting and rejection of our historical roots, are just the latest symptoms of the re-education of our students, emphasizing the failings of our country.
  • Loss of Personal Freedoms – The recent pandemic, coupled with the cancel culture, has made Americans fearful, docile, and complacent in demanding our 1st Amendment freedoms. This trend will only continue as the administration needs to gain more control over its population in order to institute socialism and wealth redistribution. 
  • Deterioration of our Moral Underpinnings – We continue to move farther and farther from a Biblical Christian nation and toward a form of subjective and situational ethics. Once a supreme authority (God and the Bible) becomes unpopular and discounted, human conditional morality must fill in the gap to determine the definitions of right and wrong. Since we are sinners, the guardrails of God’s plan for mankind have therefore been removed. We are left to decide for ourselves if abortion, homosexuality, riots, looting, lying, cheating, pride, recreational drugs, illicit sex, selfishness, etc. have a place in our view of societal norms. This lack of a solid, immovable foundation surfaces in the enactment and application of laws and government policy.


The six megatrends above have tentacles that will reach into many areas of our lives. Technology, such as tracking systems (autonomous cars and cell phones), RFID chips for identification control, genetic engineering through processes such as CRISPR, video-based impersonations, and social media conspiracy theories that further weaken our trust in independent news reporting, will continue. Wasteful government spending on social programs that have marginal value to bring people out of poverty, distribution of funds to foreign governments to placate them, tax increases that force our larger corporations to move to other countries, will all likely continue. 

It is difficult to say if we are living in the End Times as outlined in Scripture. However, if one steps back and views the incredible number of totally unpredictable changes that have taken place in just the past five years, it would seem apparent to the Biblical Christian that God is actively performing one miracle after another to perfect His will on our nation, and the world in general. We are told that mankind is not to know when the world is near its end (Mark 13:32), but we are also admonished to be ready (Mat 24:44). Are you ready?

Jeff Hilles | BCWorldview.org


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