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A little bit ABOUT ME

Paul Johnson - Author BCWorldview

AUTHOR... Paul Johnson

Early Life

I grew up in a Christian home and became a believer in Jesus Christ at an early age. During my teen years however, I rebelled against God.  Family members unceasingly prayed for me and in my Junior year of high school I recommitted my life to Christ. In looking back, I can see the numerous times God protected me and surrounded me with people who encouraged my spiritual growth.

Family / Working Years

I met my wife-to-be the first week of college.  We married after my Junior year.  I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University. My engineering career spanned IBM, General Electric, Black & Decker and Square D designing new products for their markets.  These positions took us from North Carolina to Virginia to Connecticut and finally back to North Carolina. During that time, we raised three boys all of which are on their own now.

Christian Ministry

During those working years and even now the Lord has allowed me to lead various Small Groups, disciple new believers, teach children of various ages, be a church Elder, hold various church administration positions, and serve our local assisted living community.


I have since retired from my working career.  I choose to continue serving my God through the local church as well as various outdoor activities that provide me the opportunity to share the gospel with strangers.  I also am doing some fictional writing while continue tinkering in the garage.

Next Phase

During these tumultuous times my relationship with God has deepened.  There has been a revival in my heart.  I now feel the desire to share what I have learned and experienced spiritually through the articles I write.  I have also included some fictional short stories just for fun.  I hope they will all help you in your spiritual walk and maybe cause a revival in your heart as well.

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