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Peace in the Midst of Turmoil


Our verse for today comes from John 7:12, ” And there was much complaining among the people concerning Him. Some said, ‘He is good’; others said, ‘No, on the contrary, He deceives the people.’ “


Elijah traveled forty days to Mount Horeb subsisting solely on the meal he had in the wilderness outside Beersheba. And Noah and his family endured their own sort of wilderness in the ark full of the animal kingdom as this earth’s first rain pelted that massive boat. I would not begin to suppose what will happen as our nation prepares to elect its next president. And I would not dare to compare our days of turmoil with those that Jesus and the others experienced. But as is always the case, and perhaps even more so now than ever before, our ultimate two candidates from our two major parties differ as much as possible in style, content, and approach. Yes, Democrats and Republicans fundamentally disagree on many things. On that they both can agree. But neither platform has the market on all things good, or evil. Neither is full of truth while the other is completely deceiving. Were either one of those goals their sole intent, they still could not accomplish it. Our sinfulness would prevent total honesty, and even through deception, some good would come.


I can be good. I can do good. You most likely exceed me in this matter. But I can also deceive. I can mislead and misspeak. Any self-perception that tells me otherwise is an allusion and deception in its simplest form. You and I are more than far from perfect. And we’re not just a work in progress. We are the miraculous occurrence of a dead soul reborn, a condemned sinner resurrected to righteousness. Our presidential candidates’ beliefs aside, they are politicians if nothing else. But Jesus, our King, was not. He was pure and perfect. He was good embodied, and not a speck of deceit was found in His mouth. On election day, millions of us will be disheartened to the point of despair and fear. But do not complain, for we know and trust the One who is good. He is over all.


As we seek Him today, let peace rule your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, our rock and our salvation.

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